Area2: Bradley turning putty tat

I sms’d D and A, asking how’s Bradley and Saba doing.

Saba is now apparently hiding inside the flat, mostly. Doesn’t surprise me, I just hope it lasts.


Bradley, though, Bradley is shedding his complex. In D’s words: “Ahbee (Bradley’s nickname) is doing very well. He seems like a diff cat now. He loves human company. Keep asking people to pat him. He allows all of us to pat him, including B (D’s hubby, at whose sight Bradley turns tail without fail, as recently as on Sunday) and Auntie (Benji’s dedicated feeder who he has never allowed to get near). He kept following us when we wanted to go home last night.”

And we thought it was going to take him months to get over the trauma…. who says mojo-stealing has no value? Us minions, our hearts are broken though. But maybe now Bradley will give us time of time when we see him.


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