Area2: Update on Jenny

A has brought Jenny home for temporary fostering until more permanent arrangements can be made for her, as Brina and her sons seemed ready to run her off, and she instinctively wants to return to the carpark, where Benji’s feeder has seen her last night too. A can’t foster her for long as her home is not cat-proofed.



A and D also met the RC committee member we got to know on the night of the now MIA Brielle’s trapping. He told them he saw a Chinese couple loitering around late night on Monday with a carrier like he had seen us do. D mentioned when she first saw Jenny last night, she also noticed food scattered around.


Were the couple trying to find a lost pet or were they pet dumpers trying to redeem themselves after the fact? We may never know that, but what’s for sure is that Jenny feels absolutely nothing for people but affectionate and trust.

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    I’m looking to adopt Jenny and give her a good home.
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