Homeseeker: Betsy

20091010: Betsy antics

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

Betsy_20090221_004_DSC_0322xBetsy_20081228_006_DSCN3542x Betsy is a comedienne who adores people and craves adoring attention.
If you see the lighter side of life, Betsy is your kitty Betsy_20090215_004_DSC_0153x
She’ll bend over backwards just to make you smile Betsy_20081228_008_DSCN3557x
She’ll even perform her famous never-disappearing lollipaws trick Betsy_20090221_002_DSC_0320x
Her favourite things are warm welcoming laps and chin tickles Betsy_BY_20090103_02x Betsy_BY_20090103_01x
Betsy_20081228_014_DSCN3581x She prefers not to have to share them, but is willing to try if you help her and give her time
Other than that, she’s fine with anything.. Betsy_20090307_009_DSC_0221x
Betsy_20081228_005_DSCN3541x … and whatever.

Betsy is a long-tailed female tabby estimated to be about 2 yrs old. She is sterilised, vaccinated and litter-box trained.

To visit Betsy
Email us at sephycat at gmail dot com, with your name, contact, and a brief intro of yourself/your family.

Genuine, serious adopters only please.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

Betsy is waiting for you to drop by

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