Jerry Update

What’s a Jenny update without a Jerry update?

He is also in foster care. Unfortunately, he stopped eating and got dehydrated. He was sent to the vet on 7 Mar. She determined that he had an infection of some sort, had about 2 teeth that needed extracting and his gums were a bit swollen.

However, cats with gum problems usually stop eating only when the problem is really severe, and his case seemed very mild to have caused him to stop eating. So the vet prescribed medicine for his dental issues. Should he respond well, the teeth will come out, otherwise more investigations would be needed to find out what was bothering him. The upside is that he cleared the FiV/FeLV tests. He will be brought back to the vet for review next week.

As he was vaccinated in early February, the timing of his illness meant that he could not be given his booster. So when he is well, he will still need to get two jabs. We’ll come to that bridge when we come to it.

Since we are planning to find him a home where he’ll be safe from his dog-friendly nature or indulge in it in safety, I’m moving him to the home seekers list.


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