Becky had visitors

Becky had her first potential adopter visit yesterday, a family of 4, with 1 girl and 1 boy. We were actually cautiously hopeful that it might work at first. We had arrived a bit earlier to prep her. When I approached her perch where she was lounging, she stood up to greet me and vocalised. Her vocalisation wasn’t the surprise since she was quite the chatty girl before she was ensconced in the cattery. The surprise was that she had bothered to get up and even greet me, the first time that she acknowledged us since she entered the cattery.

But she didn’t quite endear herself to her visitors, as she took to presenting her back to all and sundry. But this was not before she took a quick swipe at the boy when he simply put his finger in ftont of her. Looksl like she’s still not quite ready to come out of her shell, Still a few grumps to work out there.


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