Rehomer Joke-Courtesy and respect

A real life event that just happened this week.

We got an email. There was nothing in it that actually addressed us minions. Anyway, I scrolled through it in case it was important since it was related to kitty adoptions. It turned out to be a forward of a potential adopter’s email, and it was originally addressed to metta cattery.

I noted that we got the second forward of this email. So anyway, I responded thus:

Dear Ms XXX,

Why did you forward your communication to us without the usual courtesy preamable? Have you got the wrong email address? We are not associated with metta cattery in any way, in case you didn’t notice.

In any case, we do not adopt cats out to anyone who allow cats to roam corridors due to the attendant risks.

We got a reply… an apology which was nice, but it was prefaced with this:

Dear Ms ___, ( I would love to address you but unfortunately, you didn’t leave you name/ contact typical in a formal email)

What does the lack of a “name/ contact typical in a formal email” has anything to do with courtesy? When writing, to corporations, recruiters or even the newspaper forum, for example, do we know the name of the actual human being who reads our letters or emails? That doesn’t stop us from composing courtesy preamble of the “Hi, I ‘m interested in…” or “Dear Sir/Mdm, I wish to…” ilk for these typically formal email, does it?

What really tickled me was then this person’s request that we “respect” her family’s style of “bringing up” cats, supposedly their intention, I believe INSISTENCE, to let their cat free-roam.

Head-in-the-sand syndrome, and no, this family is not the among the typical demographic that allows pet cats to free-roam. However, typical of families who allow pet cats to free-roam, they are probably ignorant, either by choice or luck, about the unhappiness it could cause their neighbours.

For reference, here’s some real life cases of complaints due to pet cats allowed to roam the corridors: Toothpicks in pot, Taking in cats, Shaking hands. Don’t forget that free-roaming pet cat issues often implicate genuine community cats at the cost of their lives.

As a TNRM minion, I have utterly no respect for such an attitude of course, but I will not bother responding to her since

You can’t make someone care


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