Aware Saga: COOS and the curious case of disingenuous-seeming platitudes

My bit of rambling on the AWARE saga seemed fated to get a sequel. By now, it should be well-known that Pastor Derek Hong of the Anglican Church Of Our Saviour (COOS), which seems to be the unifying demographic in the collective profile of the new AWARE exco and then some (pdf alt), has raised a rallying war-cry to the women in his flock to ‘be engaged’ and support fellow church member and Aware president Josie Lau and ‘her sisters’ at Aware, claiming ‘it is not a crusade against the people but there’s a line that God has drawn for us, and we don’t want our nation crossing that line.’

What could be defined by the term “our nation” in the pastor’s mind, when Singapore is a secular sovereign state? Who makes up “our nation” he is commanding to not cross the “line that God has drawn” when Christians comprises 14.5% of Singapore’s population? The implications are nothing short of intriguing. (Pastor Hong is not the only COOS shepherd to urge his flock to support the new AWARE exco in the name of church and country).

If you have access to a copy, read what the good pastor said in today’s Straits Times. 2 and 2 apparently do not have to add up. Heck, compare it and the “outing” of the Group of 9 + 1 to his church’s “clarification” statement, and it gets even more confuzzling. Even COOS staff are getting in on the act. You can’t throw out the bath water without dashing the baby to the ground. So which is it, yea or nay?

Incidentally, it is very interesting that almost as soon as MOE issued a statement on the bone of contention by the Group of 9’s + 1, aka “Feminist Mentor”, and said it had not received complaints neither from her or the shocked parents she chewed the bone with, and the FM seemed certain of hanging by her own rope, it began poking the bone, and a newly launched petition by a Madam K.F. Khoo to request MOE to do the poking has garnered 1,200 signatures (scroll to post titled “Check Again”. Edit: This is a much better reference, with the originating email appeal in tow apparently).

EDIT: I am highly interested in the outcome of the MOE probe of course – will someone get a tap on the wrist? (Incidentally, the comments to the post are very interesting reads, involving self-styled concerned parents to boot.) And for balance, straight from the horse’s mouth: Notes from an AWARE CSE trainer

Additional references and choice reads:


3 responses to “Aware Saga: COOS and the curious case of disingenuous-seeming platitudes

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  2. Hi, just want to share that although I do not have any homosexual friends, yet I do not disriminate them in anyway and still respect them as individuals who have rights. I do not have any probelms with having friends who are gays or lesbians. What I do have concerns is the acts of the homosexuals. It does affects the pro-family values of having a male and a female as father and mother of the family, and having children out of love relationship between husband and wife that is natural. It does make innocent children confused about their own sexuality and gender issue. If I am born a male, and I do not like myself as a male, I can just change my gender? If God does not intend for me to be born a male in the beginning, why would He make it confusing for me to be born a male with the male sexual organs and having more testosterones in my body and having XY chromosomes in my genes? It is just never natural for men or women to have sex with the same gender. God has created male and female with different sexual organs and set for us a marriage boundary where we can enjoy sex in a moral and natural way. He has make us all beautifully in His sight . I just want to say that I’m not against the homosexual as a person but I am against the idea that i can be born with the wrong sex biologically.

  3. Ruthann,
    First, I can only assume you are throwing in comments on homosexuality on this post as a distraction smokescreen against the questions any thinking person has over the implications of the COOS pastor Derek Hong’s words in the pulpit and indeed the involvement of religion in this issue. I also note your use of the term “pro-family”, a known christian right aka fundie codeword in your “right” and “moral” stand.

    Next: you claim you are against the idea that “I can be born with the wrong sex biologically”, which I can only deduce as your view any person’s claims of being homosexual as one of choice which means it is reversible, and therefore a lie.

    I refuse to buy claims without looking at the proof, for or against. So Ruthann, I am curious. Have you ever actually SPOKEN to these “homosexual friends” you claim to have? How can you claim “I do not disriminate(sic) them in anyway and still respect them as individuals who have rights” when you are adamant a fundamental part of their being is an outright lie?

    Btw, unless science is wrong – the community that has brought about evolutionary improvements to people’s lives, like medicine, vaccination, electricity, computers, and the internet – homosexuality DOES occur in nature. But hey, I’m not taking your untenable (and unsubstantiated) stance wholesale, so I don’t expect you to take mine as it is too. But here’s some articles off well-known and well-respected institutions in support of my support that homosexuality has biological roots:

    -The Medical News: 1,500 animal species practice homosexuality
    -National Geographic News: Homosexual Activity Among Animals Stirs Debate
    -World Science: A Wild and Gay Kingdom
    -WikipediaHomosexual Behaviour In Animals
    -Scientifc America: Bisexual Species: Unorthodox Sex in the Animal Kingdom
    Homosexual behavior is common in nature, and it plays an important role in survival

    -New Scientist: Evolution myths: Natural selection cannot explain homosexuality
    -MSNBC: Gay animals out of the closet?

    You can easily find more, either online or at your friendly neighbourhood national library branch.