Appeal: Cat hit by car in Jurong area

[EDIT 20090519: Received update on Sunday, 20090517 that the cat has passed away.]

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Subject: Cat hit by car in Jurong area
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 02:57:58 +0800

Attached are the photos.

On the 8th May 09, a cat was hit by a car at Jurong West extention area, near to Xingnan primary school. The cat is a 2 year old tabby white male cat,unsterilise, and was rushed to The Joyous Vet to seek immediate treatment. One of the cat’s eye was swelling heavily due to the impact of the car and vomitted a lot of blood on the way to the vet.

Dr. Grace Heng attended to the cat and mentioned that she had to stitch up the swollen eye which may need to be remove if the swelling does not go down after 2 weeks. There is no other alternatives but to remove the eye.

The lower jaw was badly damaged also, thus the much bleeding on the way to the vet. The lower jaw has cracked and Dr. Heng has stitich up the broken jaw, which may or may not work for the cat to heal.

She mentioned that if the stitches holding the jaws loosen, the cat may need to go for bone surgery that is very costly and only done by certain vets.

A feeding tube also have to be inserted into the cat as force feeding may worsen the condition of the jaw that has cracked. It’s a tube that allows food to flow directly into the stomach, not through the mouth. The cat has difficulty chewing now as the mouth is very swollen and in great pain, at the same time stressing the cat badly when the nurse try to forcefeed him.

We are desperately in need of donations for this cat that had survived the accident as we are doing a lot of animal rescue work. We are trying our very best to raise funds for the cat’s medical bills and all donations will be answered to clearly with receipts from the vet that will be scan and email to kind souls who donate.


Please contact Kahyong @ 98176735 for the account number for donations for this poor cat, and kindly let me know who you are and the amount donated.

Please help to forward the email and feel free to email contact me through this email or hp if you have any enquiries about the cat. Thank you!

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