SOS: Animal welfare action-EU Animal Experimentation Directive

From the animalsasia site:

Animal welfare action
EU Animal Experimentation Directive
The European Union Directive on the protection of animals used in experiments is currently being reviewed, Please click here to find out more and to read a copy of our letter to the UK Home Office in support of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE).

Please click the link, read and take action. Not only dogs, cats are exploited too, and some 25 million cats are vivisected every year in the US alone.

Help to end situations like this…

or this (or worse)

(source: pictures from‘s World Laboratory Animal Liberation Week page)


7 responses to “SOS: Animal welfare action-EU Animal Experimentation Directive

  1. You guys need to chill out. It may look and sound cruel, but it’s better the animals lives than human lives.


  3. that poor monkey and cat… :(((

  4. why would anyone want to harm an animal, they have the right to live a healthy life and not get experimented on!

  5. awwww poor thing what monsters could do this

  6. this isnt right look at th animals faces u can see the fear and hert in there eyes… :*( we NEED to do sumthing and quick!