Freda adopted yesterday

UPDATE: 20091005: Freda update report here

Freda had a potential adopter couple visit yesterday.

She wasn’t quite presentable, since her anxiety and stress with communal living has escalated and she had started licking herself to the point of causing bald patches on her flanks.

But her potential new parents did not dismiss her candidancy. In fact, they were understanding of her situation and agreed it wasn’t something that affected their decision.

All the while, Freda had this look on her face, even when she was carried by me and given head scritches by her patient visitors. Later, while cuddled by her potential new mum, she got nervous quite a bit faster than when I had been holding her and started squirming, her way of showing she want to be back in the cage. Her timidness wasn’t helped by being so close to someone who was still a stranger at that moment of course. So back into the cage she went while btmao and I spoke a bit more with her visitors, emphasizing the need to give her time to adapt should they bring her home, and gave them a bit of time to consider.

They had a quick pow-wow, as they had come prepared.

Freda’s adoption notice is now closed. Though she had spent quite a large portion of her shelter time in a cage, the fact that she did come out of her shell, for a while before retreating from being bullied again, we felt was a sign that she just needed a home where she would have the space to be confident and be herself. Earlier this afternoon, her new mum sms’d to say Freda was exploring the house after hiding under a shelf for merely 6 hours. That really confirms her anxiety in the cattery, that she was overwhelmed by being among so many other cats, and couldn’t take the bullying that seemed so focused on her.

Throughout Freda’s stay at the cattery, she had many test cuddles with BY while I took pictures. She must be imagining how wonderful it would be if there weren’t so many other cats around.

Her wish has come true. Freda starts a new life with a family where she’s the only cat (or at least first cat). We’re hopeful she and her new family will be very happy with each other.


4 responses to “Freda adopted yesterday

  1. Hurray for Freda!

    Is it possible to post follow-up on her?

  2. Hi Nic,
    Yes! Thanks very. =)

    I will definitely provide updates as and when – but of course we don’t want to stress out her new folks so we’re going with the flow. You might like to know I do have backlog updates on the other kitties, adopted and waiting for homes, to come also.

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