Homeseeker: Jenny

(Must read: Cat care refs.)


Jenny_20090912_002_DSC_0144x A very pretty female, Jenny is a people-loving cat with beautiful green eyes.

She was found abandoned in the neighbourhood carpark, but as a cool dame of 8-10 years, was nonplussed at her predicament.

Jenny_BY_20090404_002_DSC_0058_02x Unshackled by the flighty and bouncy nature of young cats, Jenny’s a well-developed cat with her own personality.

She is for the discerning person who appreciates kitty affection, likes a responsive, active cat who loves cuddles and play but does not have time or energy to entertain young catsters.

Jenny would do well as a single cat or a member of a small multi-cat home.

She is litter-box trained, vaccinated and sterilized.

Read Jenny’s story here

To visit Jenny
Email us at sephycat at gmail dot com, with your name, contact, and a brief intro of yourself/your family.

Genuine, serious adopters only please.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

More Jenny phots
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Jenny_20090404_005_DSC_0075_02x Jenny_20090628_014_DSC_0506x Jenny_20090524_009_DSC_0101_02x Jenny_20090628_011_DSC_0503x
Jenny_20090822_002_DSC_0093x Jenny_20090912_004_DSC_0157x Jenny_20090516_015_DSC_0600_02x
Jenny_20090524_010_DSC_0102x Jenny_20090516_003_DSC_0570x Jenny_20090912_003_DSC_0145x Jenny_20090516_017_DSC_0602_02x

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