Freda report

Freda_20090927_01xIt’s been about 3 weeks since Freda was adopted.

She’s doing better than we’d expect as this update on 27 Sep from her mum, SI shows:

Freda’s quite chatty – she’ll walk by you and go meow. She doesn’t want food or anything, she’s just going “Wassup?” She’s quite confident now, and likes to sleep in the living room sofa now, even if no one’s there. She likes to hold little races with herself in the early morning, which are quite fun to watch.

Don’t know if we’re changing the name, as we still haven’t found the right name. She had a little accident on the carpet, but it was all solid poo, and easy to clean and it was time the carpet was sent for cleaning anyway. The carpet was one of those shaggy carpets, so it’s quite easy to see why she’d make that mistake.

She’ll come running up to anyone who comes into the house now, which is nice, cos she used to go into hiding or peer from one corner. I think she’s quite certain that this is her house now, and she thinks it’s her job to be a good hostess and say hello to visitors.


When Freda first got to her new home, she had SI worried as the litterbox was very clean. Later she discovered where Freda had been taking her bio breaks:

We finally discovered where she’s been pee-ing – she’s been using the bathtub, and peeing over the drainage hole! 🙂

She left her poo on the rug though, so we’ve rolled it up to prevent further accidents.

Since Freda did not have access to any drainage holes or bathtubs in the shelter, it must be previous experience that prompted her to denounce the litterbox.

However, the latest on her toilet habits, fresh as of this morning shows she’s also adaptable (she’s back to using the box), and perhaps a bit conservative:

i think my husband gave her a shock when she was peeing at the pipes
she probably thinks “aiyah! Cannot pee here, got peeping toms!”

Freda_20090927_02xWhat a fun, easy-going and understanding family Freda has. It is wonderful that she is now a confident kitty, and her family are great with her.

Really, every kitty just needs a chance.


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  2. I’m so glad that Freda has found a home to call her own. Will always pray for her happiness and long and healthy life and will always miss her.