Smartie adopted, and a biped baby’s joining her new family

Smartie_BY_20090919_018xSmartie, Foster Mum’s spider monkey kitten has been adopted since 19 Sep 09. She is now the younger by 5 months, with an older ginger  brother who’s 7 months old. She has oodles of energy and even her elder brother is having a bit of a struggle keeping up with her.

Her mother is expecting to add a biped baby to the mix pretty soon. With each other for company and the adaptability of kittens, she and her brother should take the new addition well, especially with a bit of prepping by her mother.

Here are the photos and vids of her farewell wrestle with btmao and the incredible plastic insect monster



How to create your very own upside down spider kitten
(Click here if you can’t get the vid to play)


If you are also an expectant mother with pets or planning to get pregnant, here are some good references on pets and children. With Timmi‘s case as an example, it is something simple, but not to be overlooked. After all, it is a big change in the family life and routines, and whether human or otherwise, all in the family are affected by it


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