Becky the affectionate

Becky_20090912_008_DSC_0174xHomseeker Becky has a somewhat similar temperament with Freda, who was so stressed with being among other cats that she literally withdrew into herself and prefered living in a cage.

Becky also prefers living in a cage, free from the other cats sharing the shelter. However, until they were cage cats, where Freda simply prefers to be away from cats but retained her affectionate nature with people, Becky turned defensive even with people.

Becky_20090912_005_DSC_0171xAs soon as her struggle to cope with being among many cats was detected by the shelter helpers, she was put in a cage where she is now calmer and happier.

Becky_20090919_008xHowever, she is still on edge and though she no longer is quite as defensive with people, and has even rediscovered the pleasure of headscritches. But she will still jump as soon as she sights another cat.

As with Freda, we believe as soon as Becky gets a chance to be in a home environment her affectionate nature will smoothen the touchy edges she’s wearing like a shield.

Becky_20090822_003_DSC_0147xHowever long it takes, we will be helping her to find a home to call her own.


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