Cody’s such a sweetie

Cody_BY_20090822_004_DSC_0041xCody is now 6-7 months old and growing up fast, thanks to the tlc of Foster Mum and her helpers. He’s had a few bouts of illness, just generally having fever from time to time. But we thought he might have to become another tec PR at the shelter.

Cody_20090822_006_DSC_0047xWell, we made our plans too early for him. With the supplements he’s been plied with and the care he’s been given, he is actually developing well. In fact so well that he got the urges, shall we say, last month and was sterilised late in the month. This is beyond the minions’ wildest expectations and is testimony to the TLC in the shelter.

He’s a real mush-mallow just waiting for the right family to come along and take him home.


Topped with scritches

However, due to his record of illness, we’re careful to look for potential adopters who are able to pay the extra attention he needs on his health and of course, provide him constant cuddles and all the lap time he could need.

Cody_20090822_013_DSC_0054x Cody_BY_20090912_011_DSC_0080x Cody_BY_20090912_007_DSC_0073x
Cody_BY_20090912_008_DSC_0077x Cody_20090822_008_DSC_0049x Cody_20090912_003_DSC_0065x
Cody_BY_20090912_004_DSC_0070_01x Cody_BY_20090912_010_DSC_0079x Cody_20090628_005_DSC_0393x

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