New kitty in the hood

On this workday morning, as btmao and I were hurrying to the busstop to catch the feeder service, what should we spy but a pretty kitty sitting by a staircase at the foot of our block. It was a little before7am so the lighting wasn’t good and we couldn’t make out the colouring but pointy ears and posture gave the sitter away. We could even see a collar that looked like it had a bell around the tabby’s neck.

Small dainty triangular face with huge eyes and bat ears, just like Brina. Definitely an adult with a longish, padded if a bit thin, body. And a half tail ending in a clubby end. A she for sure. Right now we’re designating her as TabbyClubtailFemale2010 in Area1.

No pictures yet, and investigations will be underway later: whether she’s a new free-ranging home pet or abandoned, we might need to do so mojo-robbing, just to keep from having her go Brina’s way and have a litter of kittens sucking her already thin body dry. A minion‘s duty is never done, even in the most peaceable of TNRM neighbourhoods.


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