(f you or anyone you know is interested to open your homes and hearts to these moggies, please write to sephycat at gmail dot com)

From time to time, you’d come across a cat, or three, who needs a roof over the ear-tips. Whaddaya do? Try to find a home for the moggie(s) of course.

The only problem with running this adoption thingy for btmao and me is, tenancy in our humble abode is inapplicable. What to do in such situation? Outsource the foster care of course! We pay Foster Mum for their room and board, and also take care of any medical or other incidental costs. (To help with the boarding and related expenses of clannies waiting for homes, please click here)

Here’s our version of the adoption charts. But before you delve into it,
do check out our checklist for kitty tlc that we always ask potential adopters to reference. Plus some other stuff potential adopters should think about: Adoption Ins and Outs


Special Needs Kitty Homeseeker


Full list of posts about all tec homeseeking kitties:

( updated 200100415 )

Affiliated: Foster Mum’s Homeseekers

NOTE: If you’re looking for assistance on rehoming kitties, please refer to our Starter Kit and FAQ for the Kitty Foster/Rehomer


13 responses to “Homeseekers

  1. Hullo, is it possible for me to put up an adoption notice here as well?i rescued a 6-8mth old tabby kitten the other day and she is in need of a good home=)

  2. Hi,
    Your kitty’s not going to get noticed just with an adoption notice here. This is a only a small personal blog after all. Cat Welfare’s adoption bulletin board: is what you should try. For us, we put up there and link back to our blog here. Every enquiry we got originates from there.

    Good luck.

  3. Hi,

    I need advice on recovering my cat Janine which went missing on 26 May 2007, Saturday. I last saw her before I left my apartment at 7 pm that Saturday and on returning home at 10 pm.

    Janine is a tri-colour local cat about 1 year old, neutered with a tipped ear. She was wearing a red flea collar with a bell which I put on her when I last saw her. She has not been microschipped. Janine was spayed by cat lovers in the area.

    Habitually, she likes to get out of my apartment by jumping out through the yard’s trellis and sit on the grass patch in front of my apartment and play with the neighbours and cat feeders until I get home. Thus, she is not entirely an indoor cat (she was raised by the same neighbours and cat feeders).

    The cat feeders and neighbours are adamant she has been stolen because she is so cute and given her personality.

    I am wondering now if anyone has mistaken her for an abandoned cat and sent her to a cattery… although it seems unlikely.

    Please let me know if you have a female colico lately, small for her age and has a very straight tail and is a very fussy eater,


  4. Ed,
    Have replied to you via email… and will send this lot of info too.

    No, no new calico cat in our areas, and definitely doesn’t seem like your vicinity jutaposition with ours.

    Call AVA and SPCA asap. Also call your town council or property management if you’re not a HDB resident. You can also request Cat Welfare Society to post up a LOst cat notice for you on their Lost and Found page.

    And if/when you do get her back, do consider microchipping her, and meshing up your windows and doors to prevent her sojourning again. It could be a matter of life and death.

    Also, you might want to refer to this site for ref on how you can look for/go about recovering her. Do note that this site is a US site.

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