Adoption – Cat Lost and Found. A Year-Long episode of anxiety and worry (1)

vegancatsg spoke of Gin-Jee’s losing and finding.

It’s galling that the adoptive family did not show the slightest concern/ anxiety or remorse for letting Gin Jee get lost! In contrast, it was vegancatsg and his partners, and Foster Mum who had been anxiously trying to locate Gin-Jee this past year.

I know that most adopters are responsible people. But this shows that fosters are right to be anxious about potential adopters. To potentials, it may seem at times that you’re in a virtual interrogation room, and fosters may come across at times as being unrealistic or too demanding, or untrusting, but really, all we want to do is to be as sure as we can hope to be, that we’re releasing the cat(s) into responsible hands.

But fosters aren’t mental, really. We also like nothing better than to be able to leave the adopted cat(s) to live in peace with their new family, but the pre-adoption groundwork and initial follow-ups are a must – we’d be shirking our duty otherwise. Ultimately, we know that we can’t be hovering around the adoptive family, we don’t like to be buzzing pests too, and the sooner we can close the chapter on a successful adoption, the faster we can turn to help another cat.

So I hope both fosters and adopters can be honest and sincere with each other. After all, it’s for the cats, not us.

(Created: 28 Mar 06)


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