More on why fosters can’t help but seem like drill sergeants (1)

Really, it’s nothing personal, but as evinced by vegancatsg’s experience, any concerned foster’s rule of thumb is ‘caution is the better part of valour’, and at times, it’s the caution that serves.

Deep? Not really, it’s just commonsense and logic. We don’t want to burn our bridges by pissing potential adopters off so bad the cat loses a chance at a decent home. But then, there are people with very weirded-out thinking.

Though there may be psychologists/criminal profilers doing fostering/rescue, by-and-large, fosters aren’t psychologists, and we don’t aspire to criminal profiling. Honest! We’re just doing what we can, so adopters, please don’t hold it against us if the questions seem a little, shall we say, pert? Just a little bit of discomfort, and bliss ever after with your new cat.

Small price to pay right? Take it as a virtual session in the Dentist chair, if it helps. =)

(Created: 29 Mar 06)


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