Tipped Ears

Treated as vermin, culled endlessly, abused and mistreated… you’d have thought a country named after a Big Cat would treat the little cats better. But life in the Lion City is no cake walk for the domestic cat.

While the Singapura is celebrated abroad as a dainty, endearing cat breed, the drain cats of Singapore, the original gene pool of the Singapura suffers Treblinka.

The Tipped Ear Clan is formed by some of these drain cats. They are the tipped ear clannies because they’ve been sterilised and have had their ears tipped (ie had the tip of one ear removed, usually the left in Singapore, to identify them as neutered cats that will no longer reproduce). Because we minions rob them of their mojo, serve them dinner, and care for them, it is collectively called Trap-Neuter-Release-Management or TNRM.

If you support the tipped ears and would like to contribute to their soup-kitchen budget or a mojo-robbery, click here

These are the clannies we’ve blogged about, clannies past, present, lost and remembered (though the ones moved into foster care for adoption are listed separately):

List of clannies moved into foster care:

List of clannies looking for homes or rehomed: Adoptions

Sub pages under Tipped Ears (info and reference):

(UPDATED: 20090123)


5 responses to “Tipped Ears

  1. Hello,

    Three women, of which I am one of them, care for the strays at a small HDB estate. I am a working person and foot the bills for cat food and vet bills for cats at some blocks. My mother, who is 77, did not like what I was doing at first but now she does the daily cat-feed walks, as I usually works late. My mum’s looking better than I, weight wise.

    Problem is in about 3 to 4 years’ time, the cats under our care will be homeless, as the housing blocks will be demolished and making way for redevelopment (SERS). I have adopted a number of strays since I started feeding them and they are living at my flat. Would someone suggest on how to re-house those affected by redevelopment. Someone said, “wish they pass on before the time comes”. But a lot of cats had died since I got to know them in Jan 2003. Accidents (about 12), some disappeared (presumed dead) and illness.

    Short of sending them to shelters (which means more expenses for me – I’m also sponsoring a dog rescued from the streets. Spending on cats and dog (food alone) = $550 p.m.), I welcome suggestions on how to rescue the SERS affected strays.

  2. Hi Lorna,
    First, I’ve edited out your location, to minimise the possibility of dumping.

    About suggestions, honestly, I have no good ideas at all. I am not for the idea of shelters since it would be more like prison to the cats, in addition to being a drain on yuor finances. I would suggest though, that you speak to the cat welfare society if you haven’t done so. You can email them at info@catwelfare.org.

    I hope something can be done for the cats you care for.


  3. This is such a great site! I’ve added you to my blogroll. It’s nice to see that there are others who care about cats as well.

  4. Fuck those cats, vermin.

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