Club Rad – irrational cat complainants

[EDIT 20090203: For those of you here because of one Mr Tony Tan Tuan Khoon, you can also reference the listing on this link for the letters and comments he has written to the press. The search link references the blog of Ms Dawn Kua, CWS’ former director of operations, who has been repeatedly (and wilfully it seems to me) misquoted by Mr Tony Tan Tuan Khoon, and includes her comments on Mr Tony Tan Tuan Khoon’s attempts at painting himself as an animal lover in his ongoing quest to send cats to AVA for culling, courtesy of the AVA’s free cat trap loan policy, instituted since the 2003 SARS scare, which caused the Stray Cat Rehabilitation Scheme, SCRS, arbitrarily suspended.

Please also reference this forum thread: This guy got rid of more than 300 cats over the years

EDIT 20090308: Mr Tony Tan Tuan Khoon outs himself.


There’s no denying that WE, the citizens of Singapore, have a love-hate relationship with life. That is not surprising, given how intolerant we can be even of our fellow Singaporeans.

But it also seems that at the top, the authorities don’t seem to know how to deal with non-human denizens sharing this bit of dirt on which we build skyscrapers and expressway tunnels, ignoring the desires and needs of its citizenry. Which isn’t surprising, given how confuzzling authorities view unconventions. Talk about baffling bureaucracy.

Complaints about cats happen. It’s part and parcel of them eking out lives amongst the nooks and crannies of human society, people being irresponsible and intolerant.

In general, complainants are rational, logical, reasonable creatures, and they do not want the cats killed, just a resolution to their genuine problems. But some people make complaints about cats, genuine or not, and expect an instantaneous end to their problems. A lot of times this is not realistic for various reasons:

  • Vacuum effect (and it’s insidious)
  • Semi-pet cats who free-roam are causing the issue, not the community cats
  • Unsterilised cats cauterwauling
  • Inability/unwillingness on the complainants’ part to help identify the source/person they are unhappy with

Dawn talks about the cases she handles as CWS‘ director of operations, and the exemplary examples are perfect jaw-droppers. (I personally believe Dawn’s job specs say: Profound Equanimity and Divine Patience are musts). These points also have related posts on Dawn’s blog. You name it, she’s encountered and blogged it.

As she says, there must be a method to the madness dealing with unreasonable complaints. The devil is in the details but change has to begin somewhere! Bad behaviour grows when condoned, like algae in water. The least authorities can do is to stop encouraging bad behaviour. (They may actually be starting to realise the consequence, but not their role in birthing this monster)

Before we take a look at the exemplary conduct of this special breed of Singaporean complainants, we must know the premiere specimen himself – Club Rad chairman Tony Tan Tuan Khoon, residing somewhere in Seletar – this info is public knowledge since he appeared on that Channel News Asia programme touting itself as a voice for truth. He is proud of his cat toll. Since 2003, more than 200 cats have died by the hand of Tony Tan Tuan Khoon, residing somewhere in Seletar.

His cat toll began and continued through the SARS period when AVA’s service of providing cat traps for free was advertised and promoted. After SARS abated, he continues to fervently trap cats. He has, it seemed, developed a taste for sending cats to be killed by the AVA. Dawn has tried to help him solve his “cat problem”, but with the type of reaction she got for every single suggestion, it seems all he wants is for cats to die.

I now give you the Club Rad honour roll from the VERY brief period of Sep 06 through to today, Nov 17 06:

(Created: 17 Nov 06. Updated: 25 Feb 08)


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