Responsible Feeder Bag

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Kitty Menu options:

  • Kibbles (served as is or with canned food-mix)
  • Canned Food (served mulched and as is or with kibbles-mix)
  • Water (served separate or combined with food mulch)


  • Plates (for easy clearing up):Do consider paper plates instead of styrofoam as it is more environmentally friendly and less expensive. Use magazines, and not newspapers as newsprint ink is carcinogenic/caner-causing
  • Spoon – for digging out and mulching canned food. Consider using metal spoons, which are easy to wash, cost-saving and more environmentally friendly. If insist on using plastic spoons, do not reuse unless you are able to clean it thoroughly after each use.


  • Tissues – for cleaning up mulched fingers or crockery
  • Wet wipes – for more serious cleaning beyond tissues
  • Plastic bags – as recepticle for clearing up after food, or other stuff (see this for an example)

More ref, especially for your kitties at home: How to Green Your Pet

(Created: 13 Dec 07)


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