The Clannies dictating our lives

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Mugshots of some Tipped-Ear Clan members

More photos here 

Anybody who has genuinely cared for an outdoor cat, common name: stray cat, preferred name: community cat, will tell you they have as much personality as any home cat, and can be as affectionate, if not more so. Compared to them, home cats can sometime seem like downright ingrates!

In honour of the ones who brave the elements and human whimsies, this page is dedicated to the cats we care for in our TNRM efforts.

These, then, are the members of our gangs, past and present, segregated by location:

Area 3
Marty’s Haunt

  • Marty
  • Billy (son of Emily, deceased)
  • Emily (Mother of littermates: Rhielly, Lilly, Willy, Billy, Philly and Milly, pic-less)
  • Henna
  • Gary (companion of Rhielly, MIA)
  • Gilly (son of Rhielly, littermate of Khielly, MIA)
  • Lilly (daughter of Emily, MIA, pic-less)
  • Willy (son of Emily, MIA, pic-less)

Martin’s Clique

  • Martin (aka Ming Ming)
  • Macy
  • Mary
  • Marcus
  • Matthew (deceased)


  • Pierre

Area 2

  • BBC – Big Black Cat (MIA, SARS cull victim, pic-less)
  • Benny (MIA since Mar 06)
  • Booties (a homeseeker since Apr 05)
  • BlueEyes (MIA, likely deceased)
  • Bessie (MIA)
  • Mindy (MIA)
  • Sadie (MIA since Mar 06)
  • Saffy (MIA)
  • Sally
  • Salma (free-ranging pet, MIA, pic-less)
  • Sammie (MIA)
  • Sasha
  • Silvy and Sibby (free-ranging pets, MIA, Sibby pic-less)

Area 1

  • Brian (deceased)
  • Cara
  • Cari
  • Cassie (also a homeseeker)
  • Charlotte (free-ranging pet, deceased 19 May 06)
  • Ian (free-ranging pet)
  • Ivan The Terrible
  • Izzy (also a homeseeker)
  • Joe Yeti
  • Salvi (free-ranging pet)
  • Samia (MIA’d in Area 2 Feb 06, appeared in Area 1 late Mar 06)

(updated 20060601)


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