TNRM – minions on cat business

Pop Quiz: What is TNRM?

It is Trap-Neuter-Release-Management, basically, Kitty-Grub Delivery, and Feline Mojo Robbery to us.

In a nutshell, we care for the cats in our neighbourhood – feed them, sterilise them, and send them for medical attention if they need it. Ok so it’s actually Feline Mojo Robbing and the before/after-care (Kitty TLC) of theTtipped-ear Clans. This is in contrast to removal.

Anyway, for a more comprehensive explanation, check out the CWS‘s FAQ, which has a TNRM section.

Here’s some “great” bed-time reading, these are but different facets to the same problem.

Also check out our reference index of TNRM blog entries by Dawn, CWS’s Director of Operations: TNRM 101 – the Practical Handbook you can’t buy, but can read for FREE

(TEC tags: The Clans, Kitty TLC, Mojo Robbery Care Package aka TNRM)


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