Tracking – TNRM Reimbursement from CWS

Tracking, not the kitty-litter all over the floor type of tracking, but tracking as in keeping track of events.

Yup, in TNRM, we’ve found that keeping track of who you’ve got where, and what you’ve done very important.

Pictures are also extremely helpful as supporting proof of your cat’s existence. They are also vital when there’s a need to id them.

In a brilliant stroke, CWS is trying to encourage tracking and collect data at the same time. They’re going to reimburse caregivers with $10 for every cat sterilised. Dawn mentioned it in her blog. For more details, I guess it’ll make sense to contact CWS ( directly.

Well, it isn’t retroactive. For us, it’s a small blessing – we’ve not been good with filing bills.


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