Chrissy suffers from liver failure and has bronchitis

Chrissy was found on X’mas day last year.

Then this is how she looked. She was diagnosed with liver-failure.

She got better after a few months of tlc at Foster-Mum’s, and started to bloom.

But then just when we thought she is as well as can be for a liver-failure cat, she fell ill. She developed fever in May, and then earlier this month went twice to the vet for fever again. At the second visit, she was diagnosed with bronchitis. So on top of her liver problem, she needs medical attention for bronchitis too.

Here’s Chrissy this weekend past.

Currently, Chrissy’s monthly expenses include boarding fees and any medication the vet has prescribed for her, both for her liver problem and her current bout of bronchitis. Her medical expenses – for liver-function and so on, and any vet visits are separate.

Can you help defray her expenses?

Whether a one-time contribution or regular donation, token sum or something larger, every bit will go toward Chrissy’s expenses and vet bills.


  • email us: sephycat at gmail dot com or
  • send us a message through the contact form at the bottom of this page or on their individual pages – it comes direct to us and your privacy is ensured.

We will reply with the details and breakdown of their expenses for your review and reference. Thank you.

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(Created 29 Aug 07)

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