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Help: Save the pigeons living in Singapore

Pigeons_20100317_006x Unless you’ve been living under Singapore River, there’s no way you are unaware that living among Singaporeans in this cold home of concrete that demands we give and give and give, is another “homeless” animal who has been targetted for the Singapore brand of population and complaint management.

The letters that have seen print argue for both sides of the coin… but it seems like as soon as “potential hazard” or health concerns are trotted out, that’s the end of the argument. Is that valid? There was even a letter that tells of the letter-writer’s father brush with death due to inhalation of dried, power-form pigeon shit. While I feel sorry for the letter-writer’s father, I am concerned at the myopic nature of her call to arms as it were. Yes, pigeon shit caused the problems her father suffered, but the pigeons were just being pigeons, but the true cause? Human neglect. Yet the letter writer does not go after her neighbour for negligence leading to the “perfect storm” that hit her father.BirdStatue_20100317_002x

There is too much fear-mongering, what-ifs, laziness, illogic, blame-shifting and complacency in this matter.

Sounds familiar?

Let’s extend our empathy for our homeless kitties’ fellow victims of the Singapore brand of population and complaint management.

Help the pigeons sharing our homeless kitties’ space, check out to find out how.


May 24th: Singapore Animal Welfare Symposium

(Screen grab filched off the Otterman’s blog)

What I like about this is the list of organizing bodies found on the about page:

I’d like to go, but have to check the schedule and apply for minion leave first. Registration closes on the 16th.

So you like Fried Chicken

(If you find this post informative, you might like to check out these.)

These two sites are a must-read for the conscientious consumer. Remember what these chickens went through when you look at the Colonel’s menu.

  • Kentucky Fried Cruelty
  • Tortured By Tyson
    Where there is the Colonel, there’s Tyson.

    • Tyson Foods is a major supplier to KFC, which PETA is targeting until the company agrees to eliminate the worst abuses of chickens. Tyson’s “director of animal well-being,” who was unable or unwilling to prevent the abuse discovered in our investigation, sits on KFC’s Animal Welfare Advisory Council.

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More references:

Crow: miao mum, miao friend (doing it all without the opposable thumb)

Filched from the Otterman’s blog. Watch it end-to-end!

The crow is indeed a creature with brains, said to rival the Great Apes. They are problem solvers, and tool-makers, and guess what, they do it without hands or oppossable thumbs. So much for humanity’s strutting for possessing the vaulted digit… which isn’t even that exclusive.

Unfortunately for the crow, it is viewed as a pest to be exterminated, and in a vulgar strange twist of macabre clout, its death toll was bandied as a sign of efficiency and political will for one candidate during the last election in Singapore. This is despite the existence of humane population control options, much like cats, which have very very rudimentary opposable digits too.

And if you need to know: the difference between a crow and a raven.