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Japan Taiji dolphin slaughter – good news for 1 Sep at least

How wonderful for the dolphins, at least for 1 day.

Urgent Update from Taiji: September 1, 2009, A Good Day for Dolphins
Posted by Guest Contributor on September 1, 2009 at 2:05 pm

200353827-001Editor’s Note: This piece was written by guest contributor Richard O’Barry of the Save Japan Dolphins Coalition.

As TakePart reported earlier this week, O’Barry is currently in Taiji, Japan with European and Japanese journalists in anticipation of the annual dolphin slaughter that usually takes place the first week of September.

Today is September 1st, the first day of the dolphin slaughter season in Japan. But when I arrived today by bus from Kansai Airport with media representatives from all over the world, the notorious Cove from the movie was empty. There were no dolphin killers in sight.

So today is a very good day for dolphins!

I vowed to be back in Taiji when the dolphin killing began. I’ve often been here alone, or accompanied by a few environmentalists. Sometimes, I was able to talk a major media organization into sending someone.

But the people of Japan never learned about the dolphin slaughter, because none of the media in Japan (with the exception of the excellent Japan Times) have ever sent reporters to the killing Cove. Until today!

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Imagine if the same were to happen for Singapore’s community cats and dogs – that celebrities and journalists take an interest in, and film pest-control round-ups of cats and dogs, citizen trapping and film the euthanesia process anmd conditions in AVA. Then maybe people will wake up and look real hard at the more humane ways in dealing with stray cats.

The need to spread the word about how Singapore deals with community cats and dogs looks to be gaining urgency, when even Town Council general managers think they are merely despatched to the AVA for “assistance“. What sort of assistance did the TC bigwigs expect from AVA? Housing grants or rights, maybe to eke out a living on some unnamed offshore island nobody cares about? Time to pull the cotton away from those blinkered eyes. Where’s the LAW?


(PS: I’ve promised furry-do… no worries, it’s to come)


Weekend Movie Choice: The Cove

slaughter0184_300The Cove: an evocation of peace, quiet, a secret paradise.

But this particular film, an award winning one no less, shows the world the secrets a cove in Japan harbours. It is about life and death – the blithe living of wildlife and a nonchalant greed that not only kills but destroys families in the process.

The review in TODAY sums it up well:

Director Louie Psihoyos and his team’s dangerous mission to document the slaughter of dolphins in a Japanese town is presented alongside the story of Richard O’Barry, who was the dolphin trainer for the TV show Flipper in the ’60s, and how his personal experiences with dolphins led him to crusade against keeping these mammals in captivity….

Of course, dolphin torture is only a symptom of a larger malaise: This film more or less represents all that is wrong with the world today. It’s requisite viewing for anyone with a social conscience.

Part of the movie features footage of an on-site protest by a group of surfers, including some celebrities, last October.

More review listed here.

Check out the movie’s homepage, and sign up for the campaign (bottom of the page).

Captive animals in Singapore

Don’t forget the whale sharks that Resort World Sands originally intended to bring in. They are free from Resorts World now, but the IR still intends to bring in dolphins, who will not arrive under happy circumstances, despite their smiley faces.

Also, please also help Sammy, the whale shark being held captive in an integrated resort in Dubai, and whose story helped fanned support against Resort World’s plans.

Fish food

Are you a maguro otoro sashimi fan? Please read this: くそっ、私の黒鮪刺身はどこにありますか?! (DAMN, where’s my bluefin tuna sashimi?!)

Horses: Blinkers in New York

Filched off Dawn’s blog.

Horses do work very hard for people… it’s a crying what we do to them. Flog a dead horse indeed.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I was just sent this video about horses that are used for carriage rides in New York City. Incidentally, I went by a horse show today and saw some horse rescue groups. Some of the horses were kept in such horrific conditions that they are now blind. One was tied to a stall for so long that even though it is no longer tied by its neck, apparently it doesn’t know it. You can visit the Horse rescue group at Horsenet They also have a bunch of cats on the premises, almost all of which are already sterilised..