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Save Orphan Bears: End Russia’s Cruel Den Hunts

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Bear cub orphaned by Russian annual bear killing

Bear cub orphaned by Russian annual bear killing

During Russia’s annual bear hunt, hibernating mother bears are lured out of their dens by dogs to be shot and killed, leaving their infant cubs to freeze or starve to death.

Please urge Prime Minister Putin to ban the cruel practice of den-hunting, which orphans thousands of bears each year.

Sign the petition below and tell a friend.

I was aware of this barbarity since quite a few years ago, and am surprised it is still ongoing. I just did a search using the term “russia + bear + den hunt” and was disgusted to be greeted with commercial sites promoting such hunts, from the States to Europe and beyond.

But there are people trying to help. It’s still not too late so please, please help by signing the petition.