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Mark’s Mews: Sad Story Of Smalley of Singapore

I read a beautiful telling of Smalley’s story.

The original

This is the message I left for the author:
“Thank you for this moving rendition of Smalley’s story. You got it right on the kibble. It is amazing that someone halfway around the world from Singapore gets it so thoroughly with just a simple 6 page story, when we’re facing the gigantic wonder that the Singaporean authorities who have enforced the “no cats outside, no cats allowed inside laws” for decades fail consistently to connect the dots.

Thank you again for telling more people about our Smalleys. Thank you.”

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sad Story Of Smalley of Singapore

Doesn’t that mean no cats anywhere?

The last time Beins were so stupid to try to eliminate cats from their lives, they suffered the terrible Bubonic Plague. Stupid Beins killed most of the cats, there were no cats to kill the rats that carried the fleas that carried the Plague, and up to a third of all Beins in Europe died as a result.

So Singapore wants to kill all the cats. Those who don’t know history suffer the repetition of it…

So we want to restate the story of Smalley as a warning of how cat-hate starts, knowing that you now know the consequences of that hate…

(Click here to read Mark’s Mews‘ version of Smalley’s story and thank him for telling his readers about Smalley.)


A Damming Letter…

Thanks to Budak for supplying the url to this. You will not regret reading it. In fact, you’d wish matters relating to kitties here in Singapore, eg, the Town Councils’ brilliant spark or the HDB’s anti-pet rules can be managed in the same crisp manner as Mr RYAN DEVRIES, bureaucracy be dammed.


Friday, November 16, 2007
A Damming Letter…
This is an actual letter sent to a man named Ryan DeVries regarding a pond on his property. It was sent by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Quality, State of Pennsylvania . This guy’s response is hilarious, but read the State’s letter before you get to the response letter.

… read on 

TNRM – it can succeed, with cooperation and support

While this post focused on the legalising of large breed pet dogs and cats in HDB flats, we must not forget the homeless wandering our streets. TNRM IS the solution for managing both people concerns and animal issues (health, well-being etc). I spoke about the Officious Israeli stance on homeless cats – and it’s the right one too!

The Washington Humane Society picked it up, and in blogging about Israel’s progressive stance about managing their homeless cat problems, added in some interesting facts about the local situation too. Go read it here.

Then think about Singapore’s situation, add to the fact that no less than a Singapore mayor has made ZERO strays an official policy affecting the living environment of 85% of Singaporeans.

Martin: What did I do wrong? All I want is to live my life my way, without fear of reprisal for simply being. 

Even in Stanford, vaulted bastion of learning, they understand Felinicide doesn’t work, TNRM does. Don’t you wish Singapore also has a compassionate, progressive mayor like Mr Martin Chavez of Albuquerque, US?

Inaugural Blog Action Day

was yesterday, and I, diarrhea afflicted minion, missed it!

Am still attached to the bathroom, but nothing can stop me from getting in on the action, however late!

What’s blog action day? Check it out yourself.

In lieu of an original entry on the quaint theme, le Environment, here’s some local blogactions we like

List of blog action day bloggers from singapore: (source: Otterman: Blogging for the environment). Another list on the wildsingapore site.

Here’s a short list of blogactions recommended by the Action Blog itself:

So… what have you done for the environment lately? Perhaps you can begin with your furries: ever give thought about How to Green Your Pet? If even one little Singapore boy, as tied up in school work and growing up as the other Singapore boys, believes enough to be a Green Volunteer, how can adults not do even the little bit within our power to do? Like reuse, recycle, reduce?

On the subject of little Singapore boys and the state of our environment, has anyone ever wondered What Is Education For? (EDIT: See this, very insightful vid of what students today actually do and feel. Thanks to Budak.)

Footnote: in order never to find ourselves on the tail-end of great and meaningful events again, I’m going to start an events calendar… as soon as my gut gets under control. EDIT: another important day: 16 Oct is World Food Day and Feral Cat Day in the US. (Meantime, this blog’s estimated return to action is Saturday.)