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We’re back!

Well, stuff happened during the past months, which took away time that was meant for tec’s maintenance. Things are finally looking up and we hope to be up and running again. After all, in real life, we’re still carrying on like the dutiful minions we must be: rob kitty mojo, feline homeseekers to put up for adoption, visits to the vet… a minion’s duties are never done.

Whew! It’s been a trial!


Timely refresher: TNRM and how it can work

Of course this is no guarantee that following what Dawn said guarantees your TNRM to work, but having positive contributors to the situation surely add that much potential for success than disincentives. But well, it can be rather discouraging and sometimes feelings of indignation, injustice and wasted effort and hopelessness wells up. Especially following the recent spate of kitty letters and articles in the press, online and some RL issues.

Dr Henna-Jekyll contented after a good breakfast and some attention from btmao, still going strong after 5 years and who knows how many litters before her mojo was finally stolen. Ms Henna-Hyde will return shortly.

For a wild child like Henna, who still is wary of close contact with people after years of btmao tlc, one must ponder: Adoption – always the best thing for a cat?

But whatever the current situation, we must not forget it’s about the Tipped Ear Ones that we minions do what we do – feed responsibly, care for and sterilise them aka TNRM because real progress has been, and is being made, even though sometimes it feels like running on the spot. So here’s a timely refresher on TNRM, with emphasis on M=management.

Local Animals Worried Fanatics Will Take Over SPCA


This is so funny it’s not even cute when you think about the foundation it is built on, because there may just come a day this comes to pass, ala the AWARE saga.

Fanaticism and the self-righteous drive to make everybody convert or perish is not something new to me. I have passing awareness of the NARasitic plague inflicting the US. But I would never have thought it would be happening on any level worth worrying in staid old Singapore. How wrong I am.

Read this to the end, including the comments (which have very informative links, circulated correspondences, plus thoughts by proponents on both sides): The AWARE steeplejackers and their deep connections to Joel’s Army and American dominionists

A partial steeplejacked church checklist, which apparently started in the 1940s:

  • Features overtly anti-gay.homphobic stance/doctrine
  • Promotes publications by NAR authors/leaders
  • Forbids ancestral worship, traditions – collectively “generational curses”
  • Intercessory prayers
  • Promotes and encourages takeover of societal pinions like Government, Arts, Culture
  • Association or links in any way with Focus on the Family

Nobody’s safe from the insanity. Since I became aware of FotF (thanks to Josie Lau), I am highly disturbed that the TODAY tabloid has been featuring a column by Focus on the Family in its Voices section for ever. Even worse, FotF is actually a registered non-profit organisation in Singapore, apparently claiming itself non-religious. How did this ever come to pass?

For additional supporting references:

Note: I know, I know, I said the trilogy was the end of the affair but I just had to get this off my chest. So while I may come back to revise and update this, with this post the minionly focus on human affairs is closed. But while we attend to some real-life issues and try to juggle them with the kitty services, please bear with our slackerly rate of REAL updates.

AWARE Saga: Post-mortem

What’s a post with a sequel but lacking a sequel’s sequel?

There’s a ton of information and blogs in cyberspace touching on it, so instead of saying what’s already carried all over the net, I’m going to link to choice sites/posts. But before that, let me jot down a few IMOs, which points are all supported by the linkages to come (in themselves just a sampling of the content online). Thereafter, we’ll get back to the pertinent issues – kitties, kitty pics and thoughts and concerns for the non-squabbling denizens of this earth.

  • Congratulations are in order for the new old-guard exco, but it also has its work cut out for it – engagement, progression, change.
  • The statements by religious leaders did do their bit in reigning in the potential “army of God” siege that could have kept the Josie Lau exco in place. (I saw a reference to an online letter to ST from a woman claiming to have decided to skip the EOGM after discussion with her cell group post Dr John Chew’s statement, but can’t find it now. If you see that, please paste the link in the comments section of this post, thanks!)
  • The media reports portrayed the old-guard supporters as rowdy, loud and rude. However, they left out how the eogm seemed to be organised to disadvantage them.
  • I am still having difficulties wrapping my head around the fact that such a takeover bid succeeded at all. This surely shows up inherent problems with AWARE, at least with regards to its structure? And I say this without any rancour, with the utmost respect for its achievements.
  • I am not a Christian nor am I considered religious by any definition, but neither do I feel all secular activities including the mundaneness called working for a living, can be totally devoid of an individual’s faith/belief system. There is no denying what every individual does or say is informed by that, it’s inherent in the human mind/psyche. My beef with the AWARE takeover was how religion seemed to be the motivation and core of it, even unto the way the volunteers were organised on the EOGM preparation earlier in the day and how the “red-shirts” seem to up and leave after the casting of the no-confidence vote.
  • The sudden flurry of protests by concerned parents to MOE about the AWARE CSE programme content reflects unfavourably on the protesters. Yes, no protest does not mean no problem. But the sudden outpouring of “outrage” manifest a herd mentality hinting at taking someone’s word at face-value rather than herd members learning (AND understanding) the truth for themselves.
  • The AWARE saga is not, and should not be, construed as a Christians vs the rest tussle. But it is hard not to view it as such given the facts of the case. Members on all sides of the divide can deduce any number of things, but it would boil down to:
    • Conservative/fundie Christians believing they are being discrinimated against for having to tolerate alternative views and not being able to force their agenda on others.
    • Non-christians of other religions beleiving they are are being marginalised for having to tolerate an aggressive Christian agenda/voice and for its imposition of its agenda on everyone else (section 377A anyone?)
    • Moderates of all persuasions who have been sandwiched and feel the impetus (for whatever reason) to keep silent rather than raise their concerns about the pro-active aggression characterising small segments of their belief systems.
    • Civil society must be free from politicking of all ilk or “agendas” to function objectively and healthily.
    • The world is really not just made up of “normal” people (aka religious people who are decree-abiding heterosexuals) vs”abnormal” people (aka irreligious people who are decree-breaking homosexuals), and there are OTHER stuff that commands the world’s human population’s attention. (There was a reference somewhere to women being more concerned with the economy and bread-and-butter issues than homosexuality. If you see that, please paste the link in the comments section of this post, thanks!). Leting a particular segment of the population string up another due to misunderstanding, fear, bias, discrimination is the first step down the road to ruin. Strictly speaking, it’s not like this is really the first step in this agenda, but does Singapore want to be dragged along?
    • The enthusiastic response to the K.F. Khoo petition demonstrate the power of faith. If only a portion of this enthusiasm could be harnessed for pressing issues of the day.
    • Secularism is not and cannot be the exclusive domain of atheists – it may be tempting and all too convenient but the “Godless” are not to blame for all the failings of the world but unless you’re that frog in the well, even that’s too narrow and myopic a view.
    • slightly off-topic but consider this: unless there is only ONE religion which also happens to condemn all unbelievers to hell, and exactly ONE belief system in the whole wide world complementing said religion, the only thing every human being can be sure of is the guarantee of feeling the heat at the end. Crispy or well-done? Come on, why so serious?




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Mark’s Mews: Sad Story Of Smalley of Singapore

I read a beautiful telling of Smalley’s story.

The original

This is the message I left for the author:
“Thank you for this moving rendition of Smalley’s story. You got it right on the kibble. It is amazing that someone halfway around the world from Singapore gets it so thoroughly with just a simple 6 page story, when we’re facing the gigantic wonder that the Singaporean authorities who have enforced the “no cats outside, no cats allowed inside laws” for decades fail consistently to connect the dots.

Thank you again for telling more people about our Smalleys. Thank you.”

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sad Story Of Smalley of Singapore

Doesn’t that mean no cats anywhere?

The last time Beins were so stupid to try to eliminate cats from their lives, they suffered the terrible Bubonic Plague. Stupid Beins killed most of the cats, there were no cats to kill the rats that carried the fleas that carried the Plague, and up to a third of all Beins in Europe died as a result.

So Singapore wants to kill all the cats. Those who don’t know history suffer the repetition of it…

So we want to restate the story of Smalley as a warning of how cat-hate starts, knowing that you now know the consequences of that hate…

(Click here to read Mark’s Mews‘ version of Smalley’s story and thank him for telling his readers about Smalley.)

Of pussies, rambles and lurkers

Wow, something between noon and 1pm, tec received its 333,333th hit, which means we’re a third of the way to our first million… too bad none of it is legal tender.

Considering that we’re a Singapore-based, minion-authored cat-blog only slightly over 1 2 years old here on wordpress, and that we’re hardly famous or popular-topical, themed, or even particularly catty, that seems like a lot of traffic. From no traffic to averaging 300 – 500 hits daily, I can only guess at what would interest readers who aren’t friends and acquaintances who happen to be into TnRM or looking to adopt a kitty to return to tec.

I can’t help wonder who else reads us either: we hardly get comments, and it sometimes seem like we’re just rambling to ourselves. So, aside from our little list of known suspects of usual, who else lurks on tec?

tec stats as of 15 Jul 08, 2pm

tec stats (monthly) as of 15 Jul 08, 2.30pm

Yes, I’m a hitwhore, but which blogger isn’t infected? However, I am sad-happy that our most popular post is not kitty related, well in a way it is, since it is about the myth of the endangered White Tiger (and the more people read about it the more people become aware of its flakiness). But to have it account for 40% of tec hits is not something that speaks well about tec’s reach nor people’s obsession with exotica.

But the tec hit profile is improving. For a time, White Tiger hits hovered near the 50% mark of all tec hits, and seemed ready to vault over to the higher side. Right then, I told btmao that the day the White Tiger post account for more than half of tec hits, I will stop blogging, except for our kitty adoption notices. But these days, on a daily basis, White Tiger hits typically account for 25% or less of tec hits.

There are other saving graces in all this squiggley-do. My cat is a what-what-what? is our second most popular blog post, though it accounts for only 2.5% of all-time hits. At number 3 is BEWARE Hartz tick and flea control products, 1.8%. That leaves over 55% for everything else. Not too bad, not “GREAT!” great, but none too shabby, we think.

Here’s another look at the tec popularity stakes, all-time top posts/pages:

All top 20 tec posts/pages as at 15 Jul 2008, 2.30pm

All-time top 20 tec posts/pages as at 15 Jul 2008, 2.30pm

Quite an eclectic mix, but then so are the roving interests of us minions. Though I admit to being pleased (and relieved) to find kitty posts dominating the list.


How to keep kittyness the main focus of this supposedly kitty-blog? Regular updates and cutey cute photos are the order of the day it seems. As I’ve said, we’re trying to get back on track.

Meantime, the burning question still remains: Who is a tec lurker? Don’t be shy.

Journalists blogging

Just a little blurb to satisfy the inner bloglurk: Journalists blogging from the Otterman.