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Mandy’s housemate, M’s ‘firstborn.’

Surf’s up for Mandy

Mandy left for California with her mum, M, and “sister” Merlea on Feb 1.

M emailed an update on them today:


I don’t know if I already emailed you about the trip home… my brain has been in a whirl since landing and my memory is just starting to come back to me. The girls did FANTASTIC!! they were such troopers and have fully recovered since. i’ve moved them once already from the hotel to the tiny studio apt i’m living in, but they have a great time staring out the huge windows at the passer-byers…

just wanted to let you know all was good. i wake up with one of them on my head and the other on my stomach every morning. once the surf season hits i’ll try to get pics of them in bikinis to send back. mandy might be game, but i think merlea would prefer to stay in the buff.

the pic is of the hotel we stayed at. my mom is on the other side of the door teasing merlea with her fingers.

big kitty hugs!!!

mandy, merlea and m


Mandy left, Merlea right