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Found on X’mas Day 06. 5 yr old calico female with liver problems.


Long overdue for an update is our dear Chrissy.

She is doing well

and is active, fine and plump.


Chrissy New Year

Like Frankie, Chrissy‘s time is lounged away in the cattery. What a life!

But her progress in integrating into cattery life has been much slower than her health recovery. She used to be leery of contact, but since late last year, she’s started to accept life in the cattery and our friendship, so much so she purrs even while resting.

She started her time with us and in the cattery in very bad shape. Luckily for her, her condition could be controlled and her health restored.

She has come far from that scrawny, furless scared kitty we met during the Christmas of 2006.

Like Frankie, she is lucky to have met kind people who helped and supported her.

Thank you very much.

Pussy Galore – Threesome Wholesome

I’ve been tied up with the new job since day 1. Working 10 hours almost everyday and throwing in weekends as well.

Am crabby, tired and missing the cattery kitties whom we’ve not visited for 3 weeks now. I barely have time to entertain the home slackers as it is.

With the upcoming long weekend, I am hoping I’ll be able to visit, but there’s too much human shit to shovel so much work to clear! Instead of the real deal, I can only sneak looks at the pictures we managed to take at the cattery for stress relief.


Here’s a lovely calico-torbie threesome, their reposing belying the tension all feel. Anyone able to recognise Chrissy?

Chrissy’s pics

How can we make a photo update on Frankie and forget Chrissy? She’s been doing well thus far too.





Chrissy, Sat, 15 Dec 07

Sweet Chrissy snoozing.

Since that time we vidded her PURRING, she’s been easily apurr. We’re happy to see her well as can be.

The Cat’s Purr

Everybody knows that cats purr, when content or happy. They also purr when in distress or traumatised.

For example, Chrissy, our Christmas foundling: she purred a fair bit when we first found her, and since we were introducing a lot of changes to her already stressed life, she was not a happy purrer.


But as she settled down at the cattery, she was mostly skittish. We respected her need to be left alone.

Sicne her sterilisation though, we’ve noticed a change – she’s more relaxed, and sometimes she’ll even approach us for head scritches


Last week, she was snoozing even as I pointed the camera at her. Best of all, she was purr-snoozing, and this time, she’s purring out of contentment, not fear or stress.

Chrissy’s happy purring – turn up the volume!

Thank you from the needy ones

Last month, we asked for help with expenses for Frankie, Corrie and Chrissy. Thanks to the generosity of Eveline, Jane_S, Lina, Mama Piggy, Suzanna, and Xiuwen, these three kitties’ expenses were lighter to bear in September.

Frankie’s fund received a healthy injection from Lina, Mama Piggy and Jane_S.

He’s sleeping easy, thanks to his three fairy god-mamas. Jane_S has said that she wants to make regular donations to Frankie. Thank you, Jane_S!

Eveline and Xiuwen‘s general donations went to

Corrie’s October boarding fee, and

Chrissy’s sterilisation and part of her October boarding fee.

The balance of Chrissy’s October boarding fee was covered by Suzanna‘s donation. Suzanna has said that she will continue to help Chrissy every month. Thank you, Suzanna!

Corrie’s the only one with no regular donor but she’s fine with it. Minionly, we’re a bit worried as she is expected to visit the vet soon about her weight-loss. We’ll have to see how that goes.

We’re not asking for help with April or the Meowson Bros as we expect them to be adopted out soon. We’re keepnig our paws tightly crossed!

Detailed updates have been emailed to all donors.