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TEC member – found abandoned in Area 1 in Jun 2006. Free-ranging tenant at Foster Mum’s now. RIP 4 Feb 08.

Corrie has gone on


Corrie has completely faded away. She passed on sometime before 12 noon today. I have also notified friends who know her, and am heartened to learn that there were some visitors who always greeted her and gave her some affection when they visit the cattery.

We will miss her.


Corrie is fading


While on the way to work this morning, Foster Mum called me. She was all teary and sad… Corrie‘s condition has suddenly taken a turn for the worse has suddenly slipped into unconsciouness : her body has started stiffening. She may be “on her way out”.

After 20 months wih Foster Mum, she’s still not done with this life yet.

But her hold is tenuous and may be gone any moment now.

I can’t go and be there with her, as I am on probation in this new job and am not allowed to take leave. But btmao is on her way… I am frustrated but I am trying to keep calm and to send good thoughts to Corrie. If you can, I ask that you do the same. Thank you on her behalf.


UPDATE @ 9am: btmao reports that Corrie is comfortably ensconced in Foster Mum’s prayer room, and her body felt a little stiff. She’s in a nice cozy box lined with a cushion, and is shifting her body around from time to time. She is still conscious but has been keeping her beautiful blue eyes closed. btmao had to leave soon, and her last view of Corrie was of the skeletal old dame, body stretched out, head still held high over the edge of the box (though with some effort), listening to the Buddhist chants coming out from the CD player.

UPDATE @ 1.15pm: Corrie has passed away, sometime before noon.

Corrie, Sat, 22 Dec 07

While JT filled up the adoption papers for Shelly and Socks, we saw Corrie trying to pull a stunt drinking from an awkward source. This is despite there being a BIG water bowl just a few steps away.


She can be very pig-headed about things, to the point of (human) exasperation, so when she looked set to fall into the pail just to get her drink, btmao quickly went to her assistance.

As we’ve said, the old girl’s having some problems that will require a vet visit.


Corrie, Sat, 15 Dec 07

At the cattery,

Corrie, our special needs old girl, blissfully snoozing on Saturday. She’s been fluffless for a month now.

She went from looking like this

to this on 17 Nov, courtesy of her most recent groom-session.

There is no denying her almost anorexic looks when her fur’s take off. We’re still not sure what’s her problem, but part of it is certainly her pickiness. Foster Mum says that sometimes she would only eat a certain type of fish, and refuse everything else, to the point that she’d rather go hungry than eat.

Because of this fishy penchant and its inherent issues, we’ve started her on Vitamin B and taurine supplements about 3 weeks ago to mitigate the potential issues. The taurine pills she would take with no problem. It’s a human-child, and therefore sweetened, citrus formula. The Vit B complex she refused to take, and it’s a normal human adult formulation.

Since last week, Foster Mum has noticed that Corrie seems to have developed dental issues. She was only eating soft foods, and for the past few days, seem to “leak” the soupy fish dish that Foster Mum makes for her. That is, the liquid dribbles from the side of her mouth. Foster Mum will be arranging for her to see the vet soon.

Thank you from the needy ones

Last month, we asked for help with expenses for Frankie, Corrie and Chrissy. Thanks to the generosity of Eveline, Jane_S, Lina, Mama Piggy, Suzanna, and Xiuwen, these three kitties’ expenses were lighter to bear in September.

Frankie’s fund received a healthy injection from Lina, Mama Piggy and Jane_S.

He’s sleeping easy, thanks to his three fairy god-mamas. Jane_S has said that she wants to make regular donations to Frankie. Thank you, Jane_S!

Eveline and Xiuwen‘s general donations went to

Corrie’s October boarding fee, and

Chrissy’s sterilisation and part of her October boarding fee.

The balance of Chrissy’s October boarding fee was covered by Suzanna‘s donation. Suzanna has said that she will continue to help Chrissy every month. Thank you, Suzanna!

Corrie’s the only one with no regular donor but she’s fine with it. Minionly, we’re a bit worried as she is expected to visit the vet soon about her weight-loss. We’ll have to see how that goes.

We’re not asking for help with April or the Meowson Bros as we expect them to be adopted out soon. We’re keepnig our paws tightly crossed!

Detailed updates have been emailed to all donors.

Corrie looking anorexic

Corrie was in her usual spot when we visited the cattery on Saturday.

She’s lost what little mass she had gain and kept for the first year of her life in the cattery, and is moving beyond skinny now. But her appetite is voracious and she seems ok otherwise. We’ll try to arrange for a vet visit soon. The best hope is that she’s got hyperthyroidism, which is generally treatable and manageable. Her physical profile fits the symptoms.

Corrie may require surgery if it is indeed a thyroid problem, but before that, some tests will be probably be conducted. If you would like to contribute to Corrie’s medical fund, please leave a message here or contact us through her appeal page. Thank you.

Appeal for tec clannies: Can you help these kitties?


Can you help? tec minions are running into the rainy-day situation, what with me having no job and the slew of medical bills for both clannies and homeslackers.

We will, of course, manage the homeslacker bills ourselves, but we need help with the medical bills and monthly expenses for these 3 cats, clannies being cared for by Foster Mum. Can you help them?


  • email us: sephycat at gmail dot com or
  • leave a message on this post or
  • send us a message through the contact form at the bottom of the appeal page or on their individual pages – it comes direct to us and your privacy is ensured.

We will reply with the details and breakdown of their expenses for your review and reference. Thank you.

Chrissy who has liver failure and contracted bronchitis

Corrie: FiV positive old girl with low adoption potential

Frankie: Young adult male with Acute Kidney Failure