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Adult agouti female who lost an eye, and can only take soft food, due to being hit by a bus in mid 2007.

Ah Yoke, Sat, 22 Dec 07

Meet Ah Yoke, or Jade.

She’s a beautiful, dignified, but affectionate and friendly agouti tabby at the cattery who’s taken my heart. (Yes, one of many!)

On closer look, you’ll why she’s special.

She’s lost an eye in a traffic accident – she collided with a bus. Very nearly a roadkill, she was nursed for months in the cattery, wearing a collar, and drooling from a misaligned jaw. But I do not have photos of her in convalescence as she was so stressed then that anything going near her caused her to try to shrink further in the tub she hid in. And it is easy to imagine how uncomfortable that was, with a collar, if not downright painful. So in respect of her needs, there’s only my memories of her then for comparison with the here and now.

After her recovery, to the point that she was able to walk without aid and supervision, it still took her a fair bit to allow people to approach.

Then suddenly, she’s everybody’s friend!

Ah Yoke’s as fully recovered as a cat in her situation could be. She still has problems eating, due to the trauma to her jaw, and so can only take soft food. But as a permanent resident at the cattery, she won’t have to fret over her dietary needs.

She is really a lucky little lady though: her vet bills were fuly sponsored by her rescuers and they continue to sponsor all her expenses in full.