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Suffered prolapsed rectum since kittenhood, died at age 1 in mid 2005.

Requiem for a brave little soul: Velvet

Brillance of light,
eyes afire amid shadow cloak.
Not enough to ward off sickness and pain,
But beacons light his way, a path still raw.
Soothed the ills, making it right.
But fruitless the fires raged against eternal night,
Too soon, brightness fainted
into embers, and nothing can
hold back the long sleep.
His eyes are closed, spent coal consumed
in a brief flash of fiery bright.
Now velvet is scattered,
cold ashes on the wind,
but memories endure of his bravery,
and celestial kindness that was his shroud.

I don’t know little Velvet personally, but I’ve been following his story on Celeste’s blog. I was rooting for him, even though I had a feeling that he was not meant to hold his cat form for long. I guess it’s because he reminds me of April alot, a tabby who also had a short-tail. She was one of Foster Mum’s personal brood, who battled prolapsed rectum syndrome for all her short 1 year life, which ended early last year.

Rest well, little Velvet, and may you and April find peace together.

(I like to believe that they will join our own little Milly, for whom I still can’t bring myself to write, because there is still too much grief to do her memory justice.)

Velvet’s chronology: