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Cattery Kitties, Sun 13 Jul

Some photos of the kitties at the cattery on Sunday

Despite her composure, this pretty one is very shy. Any arrempt to get nearer spooks her. She’s one of the kitties whose name I do not know.

This is another petite kitty who’s a bit shy. She’s another kitty whose name escapes me.

Diamond, long-term boarding cat who was rescued from a car park as a skinny old parasite-ridden floffy rag. She’s a grand old dame, aged 8 or older when found. Her calm but affectionate nature took its time to resurface – she was very shy and quiet for the longest time, probably mourning her abandonment. She started really coming out of her shell only after her sterilisation last year. At the same time she began putting on weight, losing the bony gauntness of her initial condition. Her characteristically long fur has been recently trimmed, showing off her now well-padded body.

Perth, who has been featured before. Like Diamond, she’s a long-term resident at the cattery.

Her story’s still forthcoming, but looking at her, it’s hard to reconcile her trusting nature when one learns about what she suffered as a kitten, and yet at the same can’t help but feel glad that her story did not end prematurely in tragedy.

More pictures of cattery kitties to come.