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Male cat with eye defect, born Feb/Mar 07. Part of 5-kitten litter. Adopted by Foster Mum as no one wanted him.

Special kitties

Can you see Hope? He’s a special kitty lingcat rescued and is looking for a home.

Go to this blog entry on Dawn’s blog and see how active and lively this kitten is. You can also see all of lingcat’s posts on him here.

I do believe what Dawn observed about the special ones.

Look at Max, Born Without Eyes And Teeth


Max, an orange tabby, looks and acts like any normal cat. He grooms himself, tries to get attention from humans, and in general, is a curious cat. And he rules the roost at the Best Friends Animal Clinic in Oregon.

But up close, people who meet Max see that this cat is a bit different. He was born without eyes and teeth.

He was first discovered on a ranch two years ago. He was skittish and ran into inanimate objects.

… The staff tried to find his owners, but no one stepped up. Dr. Shannon Sierra, the veterinarian who was caring for Max, fell in love with the cat and decided to adopt him.

Sierra said: “At first, I figured he’d survive if he was cared for, but I didn’t know what his quality of life would be like. Then I spent some time with him and realized how well he gets around. He doesn’t know he’s handicapped. He just does what he needs to do and he does it really well. I figured out pretty quickly that I was the only one who was really having any issues.”

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There are so many examples overseas: Poppet the Deafblind Kitten, Lola, Faith.

But in Singapore, besides Hope, there are also special kitties who do not let their disabilities get in their way, like these troopers under Foster Mum’s TLC: Karma (RIP Aug 07), Kobe, Gabbie (aka Debbie) and Andie (RIP Jul 07). And this guy – Blessing.

He looks like Max, but he’s not toothless, just born with eyes that were covered by membrane. He looks sightless, but is able to see somwwhat, ever since Foster Mum got the membrane trimmed away.


He’s perched on high here, happy as can be.


Kobe – bundle of purr no one wanted

Meet Kobe, one of the playful darlings at the cattery. Unlike most of his playmates who would find homes (hopefully), he’s a permanent resident.

He’s perfect as kittens go, loving, happy, purring, healthy except for his eyes.

He’s not blind despite the opaque-looking left eye, the membrane-like cover is an aftermath of severe catflu but does not impair his vision.

Batting hand. (Aug 12, 07)

Kobe was born in Feb/March this year. One of a litter of 5. Of course they were rescued and sent to Foster Mum’s.

Almost all the kittens were sick, two were only mildly hit and recovered quickly, none the worse for wear.

Clinging on a sib for warmth and comfort, Kobe (right) laboured for breath. (Apr 2, 07)

Two waned and died. The remaining one, who was hit badly, survived, but with permanent cosmetic damage to his looks: Kobe.

In 4 weeks time, the three surviving siblings were living together in a cage.

All boys, they were boisterous, feisty and never seemed to run out of energy, like all kittens. Even Kobe.

Kobe’s brothers. (Apr 28, 07)


Kobe, in two rare moments of rest. (Apr 28, 07)

Mealtime! Kobe left. (Apr 28, 07)

They were inseparable, happy and oblivious to anything else but each other. Littermates are like that.

But by the end of May, Kobe was alone. His brothers had been adopted together, but he had been left behind. (Vid: May 31, 07)

This was also when we learnt that Foster Mum has decided to keep him, since his adoption chances were so low.

Luckily for Kobe, there’s no lack of playmates. (Vid: Aug 12, 07)

Kobe is a perfect kitten no one wanted to adopt, but he’s not alone.

When we left late in the afternoon on Sunday, the playgroup has dispersed, and the kittens back in their cages for rest. Kobe however, was in the room, snuggled next to Debbie. We didn’t manage to take a picture of the adorable pair as the mem card was full.