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Community cat who lost right hind leg to marauding pet dogs. In cattery since late 2004. RIP Nov 07.

Mas lost a leg to marauding pet dogs

This is Mas, one of Angel’s cattery mates. Her stay in the cattery precedes Angel by a year. I remember her when she was brought to Foster Mum in late 2004, all stitched up, naked and newly shaved, but rather good-sized. But she has shrunk since and never seemed to recover fully, even now.

She’s not much for conversation despite being in the cattery so long. She is in fact, a very scrawny and hissy feline.

Her scrawniness is apparent, but not her bad temper. (See how the right hind quarters is less full than the left)

This is the best shot of her physique I managed.
It’s not visible but her right hind leg has been amputated. She was the last survivors in a community cat colony that had been decimated by a pair of sick people. The sick people were dog owners who liked to unleash their pet dogs on the community cats in a remote area, and even goad the dogs to attack the hapless cats there.

Fortunately for Mas, she was saved from her maulers, full of wounds that could heal. But sadly, she could not keep her leg. To what I know, Foster Mum helped Mas’ caregivers rescue her and to make a police report. The sick people were brought to court, and fined a very puny sum, as expected. But it’s not clear whar happened to their dogs who were equally victims of the same sick minds that cost Mas a leg and her health.

I only wish this picture of seeming health was a true picture, but the fact is, I happened to get a very good angle on this long-suffering feline.

Please spare a thought for all the cats, and dogs, who have suffered in one way or another through human thoughtlessness or egotism (like this prime bushel of people). And please remember Mas and her lost colony-mates. Think about what your actions or non-actions could be doing to them. And most importantly, speak up if you see animal abuse or cruelty, because the victims can’t.