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Community cat who lost an eye to abuse.

Cat’s in the cradle

Porkribs the one-eyed jack, who’s grown fleshier than his name. Permanent resident at Foster Mum’s.


Porkribs 6 months ago

Found an old Porkribs pic. Not his original scrawny self, but close enough for an effective comparison to this.


Porkribs lost an eye to abuse but still loves people

Porkribs on siesta, and showing off his burgeoning potbelly

When we first met Porkribs at Foster Mum’s, some time back (a few months ago), he was a scrawny thin cat, still groggy and weak from medication and a stay at the vet’s. He was a community/homeless cat who had been abused by someone, and lost sight in one of his eyes because his eye had been poked with something, like Remy before him.


At that time, he had only arrived at Foster Mum’s for a few days. But he acted as if he’d never been ill-treated. He greeted us at the gate, and brushed against us, and presented his tummy. Obviously he’s low in the EQ department, and sending him back to his “home” would surely be signing his death warrant. So he’s become another permanent fixture at Foster Mum’s.


Foster Mum called him Porkribs for obvious reasons. But boy did he make up for lost time! (I hadn’t g0tten the hang of the camera then so there’s no before and after comparison)


(Edit: see Porkribs as at 11 Jun 06 here)