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Stud dog abandoned at Foster Mum’s in late Feb 07. Needs medical attention for long term abuse.

Timmy update


Timmy was up and about in the cattery yesterday. He’s a lot better and was bounding along beside btmao though his gait still looked a bit wobbly.

He does seem to be able to use his hind legs a lot more now.


Timmy is getting better, thank you

Remember Timmy the emaciated-old-before-his-time dog?


He’s still much too thin and frail, but is in much better spirits now. We could swear he actually laughed a bit!


Yesterday, he greeted us as we went into the cattery area as before, and politely waited for pets and a kind word. He’s still limping, but doesn’t wobble quite as much. Foster Mum says his swimming therapy is working a small miracle, even though he’s going only for one very month, and not the once-a-week as prescribed due to lack of funds.


Still, some therapy is better than none. Foster Mum and Timmy would like to thank every kind person who helped and had a kind thought for his progress.


Appeal for Timmy

I just spoke with Foster Mum, and I updated her on my convo with Dharma and Sanga’s potential adopters, confirming the girls’ adoption.

We also spoke about Timmy, and what I’ve learnt has made me very sad for him and very angry for his plight.


Timmy is apparently an over-exploited stud dog who’s has been exhausted beyond commercial worth. That explains a lot – why he’s so old and worn-looking, and his physical condition. He has been so ill-treated, so abused that he needs a lot of supplements – iron and calcium, for eg – to help him build up his health. The worst thing now is his limp. His wobbly gait was caused by excessive mating, and weakend him so that a simple stumble has caused him an injury. The limp resulting from the injury is worse than it should be because of his weak body constitution.

He requires therapy and money is needed for this therapy. Foster Mum is appealing for donations to help Timmy.

If you’re interested to help Timmy, please leave a comment on this post at singaporecommunitycats

Timmy’s case shows once again that puppy mills also exist in Singapore. How many other Timmys are out there? Exploited, abused, and abandoned after they’re no longer useful?

So please please, do think about it – Don’t Breed OR Buy your pets, unless you’re VERY SURE the breeder or your pet seller’s source are ethical breeding businesses.

Timmy the dog

(Update 18 Mar 07: Appeal for funds for Timmy. Please read.)

Remember Timmy? He looks as sad and tired as ever.

We met him today. He’s finally back from the vet’s after a week’s stay. He looks very emaciated still, and has a very wobbly gait.

Check out the hindquarters – very bony and weak-looking

He’s very very sweet, calm and friendly. He is obviously a people-dog, but doesn’t impose himself, a real gentleman.


His wobbly gait was made worse by limping. Why was he limping? He stumbled out of the kennel he was sleeping in and injured himself!

Behind him is the kennel. Can you imagine a dog his size, only less than 5 years of age, stumbling from that and injuring himself? Speaks a lot about his poor health doesn’t it?

We wonder what was done to him to leech him of his health so?

Foster Mum will be seeking medical advice for his injury.

(Update 18 Mar 07: Appeal for funds for Timmy. Please read.)

Dog abandoned at Foster Mum’s

When foster mum called about the girls’ accommodations, she was also quite upset. Someone dumped a dog at her gate. This is a different one from the one we saw a month ago.

She estimated it to be an old boy, a very emaciated pet dog. He was very affectionate and tame, and even understood basic commands. She was trying to make arrangements for him too.

Today, I received a picture of the dog, now named Timmy, at the vet.


He looks very sad, tired and resigned, doesn’t he? The surprise is, contrary to his looks, the vet estimated him to be a young boy, probably less than 5 years old. What caused him to look so aged? His story must be an unplesant one.