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Large adult ginger mackerel tabby male. Extremely affectionate and responsive. Put up for adoption Jun 07. Adopted late Aug.

Panda adopted

Panda was adopted out two weeks ago… amid all the cyber drama, I only recalled the momentous event now. Mea Culpa.


Foster Mum’s homeseeker: Panda

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

UPDATE: Panda has been adopted in late August.


“Hi, I am Panda! Like my namesake, I am 1000% loveable, but you don’t have to go to a zoo to see me. Take me home and for every bit of love you give me, I’ll give you back 20 bits! I’m a gentle giant who LOVES people. But I won’t insist if you decline my invitation to provide scritches. No hard feelings at all. I am litter-bin trained, sterilised and vaccinated, and ready to go home!”

Vid: Panda extends an invitation: “Can you give me some scritches?”

Panda was rescued from the jaws of death, literally. Despite his ordeal, he totally trusts people, still. Please give him a home where he will be loved for the rest of his life.






(Must read: Cat care refs.)