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Affectionate adult tabby male looking for a home. Put up for adoption second week of Jul 09.

Foster Mum’s homeseeker: No-no

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

No-no_20090404_003_DSC_0164xNo-no is an adult male tabby.Affectionate, easy to handle, he in fact loves to be carried.
No-no_20090404_004_DSC_0165xHe was found abandoned but ever the calm cat, has taken his predicament in stride.

He is litter-box trained, vaccinated and sterilized.

He’s patiently waiting for the special someone who he will devote his affection to. Will you be that special person?

Please email with the following:

  • your name
  • contact
  • a summary of your background and experience with cats

Serious adopters only, please. All info will be treated in confidence and forwarded to No-no’s guardian.