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Resident evil. Littermate and antithesis to Teddy

Bamy Wharhol

Just a little tinkering with the camera settings… no software to stitch them together proper though




Knowing that BambiBaby is out there trying to make sense of what’s happening to him, I am glad the slackers are safe at home. I hope BamibiBaby gets a chance to be in a home too, even if Bambi won’t be coming back to him.


Bam Bam




Team Tubbing

Among the Fellowship of the tubbies, Milo Poopster is studying the art of contortion aka aping quantum physics’ own Schroedinger’s cat.

I mean look at this:

Even Bams the old coot got better tubbing


Only a miniature, like this


can fit such tiny tubs with any conviction


But brace yourself for some advanced tubbing…

snugglecore warning!




Sleepies Snugg

…. (snugglecore time that is) The weather’s cooling down again, after sweltering for the past week. Except for the fact that their biological rhythm’s been off since mum, aka btmao, left on a work-training trip on May 16, life’s just as good on slackerme street, and when they’re not tubbing, the slackers are freestyling their snooze.

Looking at how warm, care-free and snug these ingrates are, I can’t help worrying for the ones out there in the intolerant concrete wilderness called Singapore.




Bam Bam


This minion is also looking forward to btmao’s return next Saturday. Minion monologue’s just not as engaging as minion talk.

Minion talk

With all the hue and cry, advocacy messages, and my footprints leaving ridges on the soapbox, perhaps readers may form the impression that us minions, or least me the blogging one, are no-nonsense stiffnecks.

But really, in private, btmao and I are not all scowls and frowns. Humor and levity pepper our conversations – making light of situations is our way of coping with issues, and mending our bruised psyches.

Take for example Philly’s tendency to do his gluttony-gorge-puke routine at mealtime. This morning his umpteenth rendition overvexed our mother, who cleaned up after him. She wondered why he still hasn’t got it yet – that he will never want for food, and will always get his full share.

Philly (ag0g): Uh, I blame it on my homeless waif days.

Rheilly: I’m not barf-happy like you, and my waif cred is way higher than yours.

Bam Bam: Who cares which one barfs more, I just can’t stand you Hill-Billy Duo

Yes, the daily drama in slackerme street is feisty and unending. Anyway, while on the way to work, this minion commuicatexted btmao, and part of it went:

me: Pipi (NOTE: Philly’s nickname) super super super puked this morning. Ahmah (NOTE: hokkien for granny, aka our mum) ask how come so long he still like that. So greedy.

btmao: Haiyoh

me: Ahmah say his sister (NOTE: aka Rheilly) was homeless for longer but she doesn’t have this irritating habit of gorge-n-puke. U going home earlier today right? U better have a talk with him

btmao: He has his own thinking loh. Somemore big boy liao

me: Then Ahmah need counselling loh. U talk to her

This may not make sense and yes, we anthropomorphise, but I’m bored.

These old coots

they be 1, they be 10, they play knick knack on our hearts… and minds… and sanity.

Exactly 10 years ago, 28 Jan was a sunday… a day that started a chain of events that led to this blog. On that bleary morning, Teddy and Bam Bam appeared as cutesy little furries on our doorstep, and the rest as they say, is history. But that’s a long long yarn to spin, so meantime, this shall have to serve as a place-holder.

Happy decanniversary you two old coots!

Teddy tweenaging

Teddy grown up

Bamsy Baby

Bamster Monster


Bam Bam (uncharacteristically) shy

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