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Omega, fluffy one, son and pal of Rheilly. Haunted by the resident evil. Passed away 4 Feb 07.

It’s also been a year since…

… sweet sweet Kheilly left us.

btmao, me, and our mum still miss the big fur rug of a forever kitten like crazy.

There’s so much to say, but so little that can really express what we feel. I will do a memorial for him and Corrie, like Milly’s.


Kheilly will be dearly missed

We had an accident at home yesterday. Kheilly Fluffisaurus fell out of our flat while the grilles, which have been meshed-up, were opened for window cleaning.

The prognosis was not fantastic: a small pocket of air in the lungs, 3 breaks in the left hind leg, including one at the ankle, 1 in the upper arm of the left front leg, shattered pelvic bones on both sides, and a likely mis-aligned 11th vertabrae on the spine. The vet told us him being such a big cat means his damage was worse than possible.

But there was hope as his injuries seemed to be restricted mainly to the physical. He even managed to prompt the vet to say “Thats a VERY good sign!” when he moved his hind legs and attempted to stand up. It looked like he might escape permanent paralysis. But we understood that it would be a long long process even if he could be saved. His fractures were bad and extensive surgery was going to be needed. But we were prepared, and would be going all the way with Kheilly.

I had even started planning on appeals for sponsorship for our rescue and rehome cats, like Chrissy the liver-failure cat, and Corrie, the FiV positive girl, so that we can concentrate on getting him through his treatment. I was also planning to call Foster Mum and ask about the wheels that Debbie and Andie, the paraplegic cats used, in case Kheilly needed therapy.

The vet told us we could leave after settling the deposit, and he will work on the most pressing issues: parting the pelvic bone fragments pressing on Kheilly’s urinary tract and get him into a back brace to stabilise his spine. We were to call in the morning. Thereafter, decisions will depend on Kheilly’s condition. The best-case would be that he had not lost his control of waste elimination and his spine is not damaged. We crossed our fingers and tried to keep our hopes up.

But it was not to be. We were barely out of the clinic when the vet called again.

The sweet boy has always been timid and shy, and it proved his undoing – our forever kitten died of shock while the vet was attending to him. Kheilly passed away at the vet clinic at a little after 4pm.

Please send your kind thoughts for his easy passage.

Slacker mugshots

Just a typical day in the slackers’ tight schedules

The sleepies: Bam Bam

The sleepies: Kheilly

The sleepies: Rheilly & Philly

Teddy the lucid

Vid: Joey, groom-junkie indulgent grooming

Vid: Kheilly forever kitten, indiscriminant threader (victim: Philly, aka Kheilly’s uncle)

Vid: Inevitable – indiscriminant threading segues into mockal combat

Eye see you

Four eyes: Kheilly and a favourite toy



Our Kheilly rug on a full-sized office chair

Frontal view


Kheilly loves snuggling up to his mum even though he’s outstripped her, and is at least 40% bigger than she could ever be. And though Rheilly has uncovered joy in her brother Philly’s company since joining slackerdom last March, she still allows Kheilly his kittenish lot. He’s one cat who’ll never outgrow the kittenhood of his mother’s lick-and-whisker.



Slacker randomness

On a whim, yours truly decided to fulfil some minonly obligations and take a few reposing kitty shots in between night-time tv commercials programmes: