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Sweet small kitty, loving mother to Kheilly, littermate to Philly and Milly. Daughter of Emily.

We’re back!

Well, stuff happened during the past months, which took away time that was meant for tec’s maintenance. Things are finally looking up and we hope to be up and running again. After all, in real life, we’re still carrying on like the dutiful minions we must be: rob kitty mojo, feline homeseekers to put up for adoption, visits to the vet… a minion’s duties are never done.

Whew! It’s been a trial!


Lurking, Slacking, and Kitten P0rn

Though I’ve been shirking my minionly online obligations, I have not stayed away from doing my usual lurking and photo-mo stalking.

While I sort through my thoughts on our efforts for the clannies and homeseekers, I’ve continued to snap pics of them all, including the slackers of course. But I have also been getting my virtual fill of kitten p0rn via avenues like trailing after the True Blood six, who are in the wonderful care of one familiar with love and hisses. It’s addictive, to say the least. But it’s also wonderful to see such dedicated effort, and I’ve been cheering for them. It doesn’t hurt that their foster is an adept of snugglecore.

Rheilly (right): … aren’t we cuteness enough?! Meowr!
Philly: Yeah, it’s not exactly easy work you know. The things I put up with.

But of course, events kitty have continue to evolve. Updates will be trickling online.


Knowing that BambiBaby is out there trying to make sense of what’s happening to him, I am glad the slackers are safe at home. I hope BamibiBaby gets a chance to be in a home too, even if Bambi won’t be coming back to him.


Bam Bam




Team Tubbing

Among the Fellowship of the tubbies, Milo Poopster is studying the art of contortion aka aping quantum physics’ own Schroedinger’s cat.

I mean look at this:

Even Bams the old coot got better tubbing


Only a miniature, like this


can fit such tiny tubs with any conviction


But brace yourself for some advanced tubbing…

snugglecore warning!




Rheilly phot update

btmao has been bugging me to put up her favourite Rheilly photos recently taken, pleading ignorance of flickr and wordpress for not doing so herself (sluggard).

So here they are:
Truncated. Her ample tummy is so generous it makes her look like she’s missing half her length when she poses just so.

Baby tumtum. Ever since her sterilisation nearly 5 years ago, her tummy fur has never grown back. We had hoped that when she joined the slackers 2 years ago, the home environment would help. Better food and shelter have coaxed some fuzz out, but it’s still not the full recovery we had hoped for. But she doesn’t seem bothered by it, so it’s fine by us too. It’s just that bare area feels rather cold to the touch, and that’s when we wonder about getting her a tum-cozy (thank goodness we can’t knit).

She’s just under the coffee table, and in a rare moment of cooperation, allowed me to creep up close for this shot.

She’s sitting on her favourite cushion, and in another rare moment of cooperation, allowed me to get close for some shots

Doze. I was surprised at how relaxed she was this round, usually she would scoot off, not close her eyes. Perhaps she’s lulled by being on her favourite cushion.

That’s all folks, nighty night and purry dreams.

Sleepies Snugg

…. (snugglecore time that is) The weather’s cooling down again, after sweltering for the past week. Except for the fact that their biological rhythm’s been off since mum, aka btmao, left on a work-training trip on May 16, life’s just as good on slackerme street, and when they’re not tubbing, the slackers are freestyling their snooze.

Looking at how warm, care-free and snug these ingrates are, I can’t help worrying for the ones out there in the intolerant concrete wilderness called Singapore.




Bam Bam


This minion is also looking forward to btmao’s return next Saturday. Minion monologue’s just not as engaging as minion talk.


Rheilly’s got a very short muzzle. This picture also shows the distinctive “M” markings on a tabby forehead. And of course her tipped ear, signifying her former status as a sterilised-as-homeless-cat, a member of the clannies.