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Home bum numero uno. Funky white boy and littermate to Bam Bam.

Ultrasonicat and the ARF munster

Earlier today we brought the home coots Bam Bam and Teddy for a visit to their favourite place – the veterinary clinic.

Teddy went out a full-fluffed cat but came home missing both his flank fuzz.


We subscribe to the belief that beyond the age of 8, home cats – especially strictly indoors only cats, being geriatic, should not get jabs (source) anymore, due to the attendant risks.

However, annual checkups are still necessary. Because Teddy had bladder stones when he was three, and in 2007 was diagnosed with internal bladder wall bleeding and 2 kidney stones, we were concerned about possible complications. So today, an ultrasound and bloodwork was done on him. He now spots new fashion and it is confirmed that while there are (miraculously) no stones in his bladder and kidneys, that his left kidney and bladder looks ok, his right kidney is in stage 2 CRF. Analysis on his urine will return in a few days’ time, which will determine if he needs medication for any related infection. Thereafter, he will be put on a fortekor schedule, just like Bam Bam.

Bam Bam’s been to the vet 3 times in as many months. For him, he’s in a better situation than his brother. Because of the positive outcome from his first review 3 months ago, he’s been on a fortekor reduction schedule. From being on 0.5 fortekor since 2007, he’s gone to 0.25 pill per day and now 0.25 pill every other day. However, that seems to be the limit for him. His next review is in 3 months’ time.

As the vet recommended, we will start them both on k/d. As they both hate k/d, we’re not sure how long we can keep them on it. Luckily, the vet has offered an alternative should k/d not be accepted this time either – phosphate binding agents as the maximum recommended phosphate content should be no more than 0.04% of the diet. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Next up, Joey and Rheilly’s turn at the vet in 2 weeks’ time. As for Philly, we haven’t forgotten the goofy one and will blog about his situation separately.



Knowing that BambiBaby is out there trying to make sense of what’s happening to him, I am glad the slackers are safe at home. I hope BamibiBaby gets a chance to be in a home too, even if Bambi won’t be coming back to him.


Bam Bam




These old coots

they be 1, they be 10, they play knick knack on our hearts… and minds… and sanity.

Exactly 10 years ago, 28 Jan was a sunday… a day that started a chain of events that led to this blog. On that bleary morning, Teddy and Bam Bam appeared as cutesy little furries on our doorstep, and the rest as they say, is history. But that’s a long long yarn to spin, so meantime, this shall have to serve as a place-holder.

Happy decanniversary you two old coots!

Teddy tweenaging

Teddy grown up

Bamsy Baby

Bamster Monster

We can haz drool

Elegant, composed creatures that they are, the perfectly designed animal called Felis Silvestris Catus shares another special right with Canis Lupis Familiaris.


But apart from cute-overload style tumtum exposé, these two mutually diffident creatures are sometimes in the same business of drool manufacture. Of course, the prodigal abilities of the canines leave the felines swishing their tails in studied nonchalance. But the felines, they do their valiant best.

Drool proponents are not an agist club. But certainly, the longer in the tooth one gets, the better one gets at it, as avowed drooler, the Aged Cat, would testify.

On the home front, we have the honour of being minions to a much more modest drooler (who is in the geriatric range himself).


Yes, the resident great white cat, Teddy. He honed his skills in secret, and only began flaunting his abilities after attaining full growth. He only drools when he’s kneading and when he’s sitting on tumtums of the human variety. As befitting his style, his come in slow drips and drabs.

Impurrsonation: We can haz jack rascals

In no particular order of rascalliness:

Philly Jack Rascal

Joey Jack Rascal

Bam Bam Jack Rascal

Teddy Jack Rascal

Rheilly Jack Rascal

Fellowship of the tubbies

Something is taking the kitty life by snooze – tubs are the new snug. Even the likes of Zacky, Angelmiao (tiger-balm cat to btmao), and Kootoo (newest member) have self-conscripted.

So in commemoration of the fellowship’s girth (set to the rhyme of the One Ring):

Snug tub for the scheming-cat prowling and sly,

Roomy for the Dwarf-cat in her dreams alone,

Teddy_20071011_15x BamBam_20070929_04x
Pot for bigger cats comfy lie,

Brown for the buff queen on her dark throne

In the house of slackers where the minions slave.

BamBam_20071018_07x Joey_20070909-08x Philly_20070620_-5x
Tubbies to please them all, Tubbies to frame them,

Rheilly_Philly_20070928_08x Philly_Rheilly_20070712_-05x
Tubbies to bring them all and in the tightness snug them

Philly_CatHouse_20071107_04x Philly_20070213_01x
In the house of slackers where the minions slave.

Teddy_20070111_-03x Philly_tunnel_20070828_-2x

I can haz eyelashes

If you do an online search using terms like “cat anatomy: eyelashes”, you get a lot of page links that says “Cats have no eyelashes”.

Where did this piece of gem originate???

I’ve looked at so many cats: slackers, clannies, kitties at foster mum’s. And all of them have lashes.

Teddy: Yeah, what are these hairy thingies attached to the edge of my eye lid, if not eye lashes?

A better authority on the existence AND function of eyelashes is this page on eyes:

Accessory structures

Accessory structures of the eye

The eye has many accessory structures present to ensure that it is protected and clean. These structures include the eyelids, eyelashes, lacrimal (tear) glands, and nictitating membrane…

… Large eyelashes are attached to the upper eyelids in most animals and help to keep dust particles from getting in the eye.

Check your kitty – does he/she has eyelashes?