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4-6 month tabby female kitten first spotted on 21 Mar 08. Super friendly. Sighted intermittently since. Caught on 4 Oct evening, pregnant. Had diarrhea. Sent into foster care to prepare for sterilisation and rehoming on 5 Oct 08.

Betsy antics

Homeseeker Betsy is not quite the conventional kitty beauty.


But she definitely is one kitty who sees the lighter side of life.

Whether checking the water…

Entertaining herself with some paw-wrestling…

Or enjoying a cuddle…

She is one chill cat.

How long does she need to wait for a home?
It’s anybody’s guess. But Betsy is a girl who will take the wait in her stride


Homeseeker: Betsy

20091010: Betsy antics

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

Betsy_20090221_004_DSC_0322xBetsy_20081228_006_DSCN3542x Betsy is a comedienne who adores people and craves adoring attention.
If you see the lighter side of life, Betsy is your kitty Betsy_20090215_004_DSC_0153x
She’ll bend over backwards just to make you smile Betsy_20081228_008_DSCN3557x
She’ll even perform her famous never-disappearing lollipaws trick Betsy_20090221_002_DSC_0320x
Her favourite things are warm welcoming laps and chin tickles Betsy_BY_20090103_02x Betsy_BY_20090103_01x
Betsy_20081228_014_DSCN3581x She prefers not to have to share them, but is willing to try if you help her and give her time
Other than that, she’s fine with anything.. Betsy_20090307_009_DSC_0221x
Betsy_20081228_005_DSCN3541x … and whatever.

Betsy is a long-tailed female tabby estimated to be about 2 yrs old. She is sterilised, vaccinated and litter-box trained.

To visit Betsy
Email us at sephycat at gmail dot com, with your name, contact, and a brief intro of yourself/your family.

Genuine, serious adopters only please.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

Betsy is waiting for you to drop by

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Betsy the Gangsta


We’re still waiting for Betsy to settle down before putting her up for adoption. Quite the opposite from Freda, her problem is not shyness. She is instead taking the change in environment rather well, where human contact is concerned. She loves people and when carried loves to snuggle, and bury her head into the carrier’s arms.

Rather, it is her quarrelsome nature with other cats. Even if another cat is just passing by, a metere or more away, she will rush up to swipe at him or her. She even goes head to paws with Apple Pie, the resident alpha. Freda bears testimony to her catist nature.

However, we’re hopeful that she is just insecure and need a bit more time to behave. After all, it took the formerly quarrelsome Apple Pie no short amount of time to relax too.

Aside: We have a sneaky suspicion Betsy may be related to Twinkie. They both share the same look and face, and are both area 2 cats.

Freda’s out and about


After 5 months of timidness, Freda is finally coming out of her shell. We were delighted to see her out and about on her own for the first time last Saturday.

However, there is a price to pay for her freedom.
The two scars on her nose were inflicted by Betsy, who’s been feisty and aggressive with all and sundry. There’s another one on her right cleft.


The good news is that Freda is still as loving as ever, and is putty in the arms. She’s a gentle purr machine.

Betsy is now mojo-free. Area2 kitties continue to be elusive

Betsy has been sterilised on Thursday, 9 Oct. The four foetuses she was carrying have been aborted in the process. We sent on the little ones with well-wishes and sadness.

Betsy, as she is so friendly, will be prepped for adoption.

As has been mentioned, she was an Area2 kitty.

We had mentioned the frustrating situation with the kitties in Area2. Of the kitties mentioned, we have been sighting Bambi randomly ever since. mostly around the area’s eatery. But we’ve not managed to establish her schedule and have not managed to “get” her. She is now nursing a litter of kittens, as elusive and skittish as ever. In fact, the night we got Betsy, we were trying to find her, as she is super emaciated, probably due to the strain of nursing her babies. The good news is we think we may be getting nearer to a Bambi schedule – for the past week, btmao has managed to find and feed her 3 out of 7 times. The headache though is that we need to wait for her babies to be weaned, and we’re nervous as btmao found Stanley on the night we catnapped Betsy. Also, Bambi needs fattening up before de-mojoing. With an irregular schedule, that’s going to be a challenge.

The shy little white kitten with tabby patches has been sighted only once since, early this month. Also as skittish as ever. However, it seemed to be healthy, and is now a bigger kitten.

Sarsi, the last cat we saw has never been sighted since.

That doesn’t mean things are quiet in Area2. Even before Freda’s discovery in February, we know there are many elusive new kitties around there, due to irresponsible pet owners. We’ve had random distant sightings of a ginger cat, alone and chasing after another one whom we only heard. Between then and now, we’ve had one-off sightings of different cats. The most recent one is a 3-5 mth scaredy, mostly white calico kitten first sighted on 26 Sep 2008 sitting in the drains. It is likely a girl. btmao sighted her a week later, hanging  out near Bambi’s eatery territory.

Saba, as far as we can see is still intact, with the very virile and wanderful Stanley paying court to free-ranging pet cat just yesterday. We have decided to not offer any more help to the family due to 2 reasons: 1) the family shows no concern about the issue nor have them attempted to contact us about arrangements for Saba even though we see Sue, the woman of the house often enough on the way home from work; 2) since our last update on Saba, Sue had only called me once, but was more interested in trying to get the same “deal” for her friends than to make arrangements for Saba even though I had already told her sterilising Scottie, Sunny and Sumie was a one-off deal that we were paying out of our own pocket due to the circumstances.

Scottie was out and about, and as friendly as ever. We also caught a glimpse of Sunny. Though Sumie was not sighted, we believe she is well and about, as we’ve sighted her previously. All three look fantastic, and of course it is being mojo-less that gives them their sleekness.

Benji is still around, and seems to have moved back to his original territory, rather than stay around Saba’s area. But even he seems to have gotten in on the act, and is only randomly sighted. He was most recently sighted and fed on Thursday evening.

All in all, our report card on Area 2 this year has been quite dismal. Things have just not been going well in TNRM terms. But with Betsy catnapped, and Bambi finally letting us get a clue about her schedule, maybe the situation can be remedied soon. Hopefuly, we will not have to make difficult decisions as we did on Betsy’s behalf.

Catnapped! Betsy pregnant. Will be aborted.

The friendly tabby female kitten we first sighted in the wee hours of 21 Mar 08 was finally secured last night. Great news is she’s as super friendly as we remembered, the bad – she’s preggers.


She will be assessed, and if suitable will have her babies aborted. I feel her chances of an abortion are high as her nipples felt soft, not swollen, inidicating her pregnant status is not in danger of being changed shortly.

While I fed Betsy last night, she displayed none fo the characteristics of being a street savvy cat. The first thing she did when I approached the bench she was grooming under, she meowed and presetned her ample tummy. When I sat down and spoke to her, she immediately jumped into my lap, purring. She made biscuits and then settled into my lap.

After we called Foster Mum for arrangements, I fed her as while btmao went home for the carrier. Betsy followed excitedly when she smelled the plastic bag containing Stanley‘s leftovers. She was extremely hungry for a pet cat, especially a pregnant one. However, she did not try to filch food from the paper dish to eat at a distance, and did not react as I touched her randomly. Total trust that only a cat with a home will possess. But is her situation unusual? Not all all.

We’re ‘playing god‘ again because of irresponsible pet ownership. But what business does any super friendly pet kitten has to be wandering around in the wee hours as we first saw her doing in Mar? What business does a kitten who seems underfed to be pregnant? How is it that a pet cat ends up being hungry like she was? Tough but run-of-the-mill questions reflecting the state of things.


I did not want to overfeed her, due to tummy upset concerns, but neither did I want to withhold food to the point that she felt she ought to be moving on. So I fed her the tiniest can of petfood we had plus a handover of kibbles. Smart girl that she is, Betsy kept trying to scrounge around the plastic bag when she finished up. All in all, I had given her about 6 or 8 kibble samplers before btmao returned with the carrier. She went into the carrier herself and was quiet for about 5 minutes. She started to vocalise and increase her volume the longer she was inside. We deduced she was still hungry and getting a bit bewildered.

As is our standard procedure, she was kept in the study room, where the slackers have their second litterbin. Clearly Betsy was quite concerned about the sensory overload the varying scents evoked.

The advantage in our favour was that tabbies seem to be characteristically small-voiced. So we were not as concerned about her calls disturbing the neighbours or drawing unwanted attention.

We had a peaceful night but in the morning we were embroiled in a minor frenzy by 7am this morning. Our second worst fear materilised – she had the runs.

After we transferred Betsy to a clean carrier, btmao rushed to service the area3 kitties while I remained behind to cleanup. With the slackers getting in the way at every opportunity it was a wonder no accident happened.

btmao was back by 8 and by 9 we had reached the cattery. Betsy remained calm though she vocalised a bit.

After being transferred to a cage in cattery 2, she calmly surveyed all and sundry.



Neighbours with Freda who is none too pleased with getting a neighbour.

We feel good about Betsy’s chances of an early adoption. But for now, she will be monitored for her diarrhea. Thankfully, Foster Mum agreed to try to squeeze Betsy in. Given the elusive nature of the new batch of area2 cats, we might not have seen her again until her next pregnancy, vicious cycle and all.

Area 2 new kittens

This being Good Friday, a public holiday, anyone in their right minds wouldn’t be waking up before the sun shines.

But us minions had an errand that would mean leaving home at 6.30am. Worried about the Area3 cats’ brekkie, btmao decided to wake up even earlier than usual to feed them. Since it is pre-dawn, I volunteered to accompany her.

As the feeder service does not start service until 5.30am, we walked out, which meant passing through area 2.

There we saw a few sights to boil the blood of minions.

First there was the torbie calico female, whom I last saw doing her guerilla thing. She was in a semi-faceoff with the chubby Siamese cross we first spotted last month. Since it was the pre-dawn, their quarrel sounded rather loud.

btmao decided to feed them to distract them from their feud. Clearly, the smaller torbie (we are calling her Bambi) was subservient to the chubby, and certain to be semi-pet cat, siamese cross (christained Sarsi) who nearly cleaned up the whole offering, leaving only 2 slivers of meat for the poor skinny and younger female. So much for being a Siamese-cross pet cat. This “breed” pet cat displays the typical ravenous nature of free-ranging pet cats. What a disgraceful reflection on the care the owners grant their pet.



As we waited on the duo, another kitten, younger even than Bambi appeared and called too. Sarsi and Bambi were scaredy enough but this one was even worse, scooting off into the drain at the slightest sign of approach.

btmao had to leave the plate in the drain and back 2 metres before the kitten would approach for food.


Closer look. We can’t determine the gender, but definitely this kitten is starved and needs a bath. The camera flash caused it to run for cover again, emerging only after 10 mins. We can’t tell if it was one of the kittens we sighted before we spotted Sarsi that first time, but looking at its size, we think this kitten is a little too young to have been an affiliate of that brood.

As it was getting a bit ‘late’ by this time, I asked btmao to go ahead and get to Area 3 while I waited for the kitties to finish up.

After them, I crossed to the main road, where what should happen but that I meet yet another kitten. But this one is super friendly and trusting, a tabby girl about 5-6 months old with a perfect straight long tail. She ran to me as soon she realised my presence and trotted over, and reverse-plonked herself down in a heap of furry tumtum.


She cried and tried to follow when I left after giving her head scritches and tum-rubbies. (I couldn’t feed her since I did not bring any supplies with me)

I am 99.9% certain she is Sabia.

Once again, us minions can’t help but seeth with anger at the nonchalance of so-called pet owners who allow such young kittens to wander and to be less than good providers of food. How can anyone who purports to love their cats be less than concerned about their kitties’ well-being? Especially when there’s clear danger as in Sabia’s family case?