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3-4 month old male agouti kitten with short club tail, sent into foster care on 18 May 09 due to friendly disposition. 1st sighted midnight on 2 May 09 in Area1.

Cody’s such a sweetie

Cody_BY_20090822_004_DSC_0041xCody is now 6-7 months old and growing up fast, thanks to the tlc of Foster Mum and her helpers. He’s had a few bouts of illness, just generally having fever from time to time. But we thought he might have to become another tec PR at the shelter.

Cody_20090822_006_DSC_0047xWell, we made our plans too early for him. With the supplements he’s been plied with and the care he’s been given, he is actually developing well. In fact so well that he got the urges, shall we say, last month and was sterilised late in the month. This is beyond the minions’ wildest expectations and is testimony to the TLC in the shelter.

He’s a real mush-mallow just waiting for the right family to come along and take him home.


Topped with scritches

However, due to his record of illness, we’re careful to look for potential adopters who are able to pay the extra attention he needs on his health and of course, provide him constant cuddles and all the lap time he could need.

Cody_20090822_013_DSC_0054x Cody_BY_20090912_011_DSC_0080x Cody_BY_20090912_007_DSC_0073x
Cody_BY_20090912_008_DSC_0077x Cody_20090822_008_DSC_0049x Cody_20090912_003_DSC_0065x
Cody_BY_20090912_004_DSC_0070_01x Cody_BY_20090912_010_DSC_0079x Cody_20090628_005_DSC_0393x

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Homeseeker: Cody

20091010 pics and vids: Cody’s such a sweetie

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

Cody_BY_20090524_004_DSC_0026x A friendly and very affectionate male kitten.

Little Cody is 6-7 months old, an agouti tabby and the REAL Kuching Singapura.


However, he is shy and timid with strangers and will need time to warm up to new friends.Cody_20090524_009_DSC_0035x

He is also a bit weak in constitution and will require extra care and attention, and supplements to maintain his health.

Cody is sterilised, litter-box trained and vaccinated.

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To visit Cody
Email us at sephycat at gmail dot com, with your name, contact, and a brief intro of yourself/your family.

Genuine, serious adopters only please.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

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Area1: New baby on the block

Late on 2 May, we came home from our granddad’s 88 birthday celebration, all tired and eyes drooping. But trust btmao to spot a small dark shape slinking along the pavement and entering the common rubbish chute at the bottom of our block, which was of course open.

With the tell-tale pointy ears and kitty-creep, the critter was no rat. We clicked softly to get its attention. But still it disappeared into the darkness of the chute room after pausing for a while.

We approached and tried to entice the kitten out. But we couldn’t see a thing and didn’t have food so we went back up. Thereafter, we were not able to locate the kitten anymore. The only thing we were sure about it was it had a short tail and thanks to btmao, were fairly it was a tabby kitten.

Kittens are rarely sighted in Area1 since we have sterilised all the adults we know of here since 2007 and have continued to mojo-nab any that have entered Area1 since. So it was probably an abandonee or a lost baby.  In any case we thought the kitten was gone for good when 2 weeks later, as we were reaching home after the usual daily office slog, we both heard a single meow. I didn’t see anything, but btmao stopped and pointed. To our left, peering out from a drain was a kitten, piteously wanting attention but wary at the same time.

Looking at the tail and the size, we believed it was the same kitten we saw going into the rubbish chute 2 weeks earlier. btmao had food, so she laid out service and we stood back to assure the kitten. Also, we could clearly see it was an agouti.

The kitten tucked in

But even in its hunger it was careful and was hesitant at first

While the kitten ate, a kid ran past, and caused the little cat to scoot back into the safety of the drain. But it was apparently too hungry as it crept back out after a while and slowly tucked in again. We discussed the situation. I went home to prepare dinner while she would wait for him (he had meta-dongs, shall we say) to finish up.

But I had barely started cutting the veggies when btmao called and say he was friendly and trusting after food. In fact, he approached her after a luxurious stretch and rubbed himself against her. Fancy that. So we called Foster Mum and confirmed a place for him, I went down with a carrier and we hopped into a cab together.

He was the calmest little cat, tucked himself comfortably and waited for his itinerary to unfold itself. We decided to name him Cody, and estimated his age to be 3 or so months.

Cody settled down to community living easily and was well-liked by Foster Mum and her helpers for his affectionate behaviour. However, he was obviously overwhelmed by being among so many cats as he tends to be shy and while ok with being carried by other people, tended to want to get back into his cage after a while. He is by all accounts, definitely trusting and not so anxious to return to his cage when it’s Foster Mum’s helpers who carry him. We had intended to put him up for adoption last month, but he fell ill. Thankfully he is now recovered and ready for adoption.