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Adult female tabby white with short tail with kink near end. Appeared with tipped ear in Area2 carpark. Very trusting, suspected abandoned pet. Resembles Jerry. First sighted 24 Mar 09. Amy fostered from 24 Mar to 28 Mar. Thereafter sent to longterm foster care.

Homeseeker: Jenny

(Must read: Cat care refs.)


Jenny_20090912_002_DSC_0144x A very pretty female, Jenny is a people-loving cat with beautiful green eyes.

She was found abandoned in the neighbourhood carpark, but as a cool dame of 8-10 years, was nonplussed at her predicament.

Jenny_BY_20090404_002_DSC_0058_02x Unshackled by the flighty and bouncy nature of young cats, Jenny’s a well-developed cat with her own personality.

She is for the discerning person who appreciates kitty affection, likes a responsive, active cat who loves cuddles and play but does not have time or energy to entertain young catsters.

Jenny would do well as a single cat or a member of a small multi-cat home.

She is litter-box trained, vaccinated and sterilized.

Read Jenny’s story here

To visit Jenny
Email us at sephycat at gmail dot com, with your name, contact, and a brief intro of yourself/your family.

Genuine, serious adopters only please.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

More Jenny phots
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Jenny_20090404_005_DSC_0075_02x Jenny_20090628_014_DSC_0506x Jenny_20090524_009_DSC_0101_02x Jenny_20090628_011_DSC_0503x
Jenny_20090822_002_DSC_0093x Jenny_20090912_004_DSC_0157x Jenny_20090516_015_DSC_0600_02x
Jenny_20090524_010_DSC_0102x Jenny_20090516_003_DSC_0570x Jenny_20090912_003_DSC_0145x Jenny_20090516_017_DSC_0602_02x

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Jenny update

Jenny was sent for a checkup, vaccination on Saturday.


Her similarities with Jerry, observed when we first met her, continued on the journey, and in the vet room.

Like Jerry, she is estimated to be 8 to 10 years of age. Like Jerry, she cries when riding in a moving vehicle.

A and D also mentioned that like Jerry, she tends to hide under the furniture, but will not fail to come out of hiding for greetings when called. A very sweet and obliging kitty.


We will begin her adoption run soon.

Area2: Update on Jenny

A has brought Jenny home for temporary fostering until more permanent arrangements can be made for her, as Brina and her sons seemed ready to run her off, and she instinctively wants to return to the carpark, where Benji’s feeder has seen her last night too. A can’t foster her for long as her home is not cat-proofed.



A and D also met the RC committee member we got to know on the night of the now MIA Brielle’s trapping. He told them he saw a Chinese couple loitering around late night on Monday with a carrier like he had seen us do. D mentioned when she first saw Jenny last night, she also noticed food scattered around.


Were the couple trying to find a lost pet or were they pet dumpers trying to redeem themselves after the fact? We may never know that, but what’s for sure is that Jenny feels absolutely nothing for people but affectionate and trust.

Area2: New Cat! Erm… foster, anyone?

Bradley has barely turned putty tat, and we’ve already got a new kitty on the block.

We sighted her as we passed by the Area2 carpark. She was resting against the windscreen of a car, cool as you please. Knowing the penchant of car owners to blame cats for scratches on their car, we decided to try to get her down and away from the minefield.

She perked up at our approach. And instead of needing to be coaxed down from her perch, she came forward, purringly, and allowed btmao to lift her onto the ground.

Green-eyed beauty… her soul windows look yellow here due to the flash. (Her left ear spots the tip)

After a few failed attempts to get a decent shot, I lifted her again and carried her out of the carpark, about 10 metres or so. She was non-resistant and purring the whole way. Definitely a home cat, or ex-home cat.


It’s not clear from this photo, but despite being much smaller in size and build, and her having a 1/3 tail compared to his stumpy excuse for one, the first thought that crossed our minds was her resemblance to Jerry. Her tabby markings, her longer than shorthair but shorter than midlength fur, and her friendly nature are Jerry hallmarks. So we decided to name her Jenny.

As I continued to try taking pics of Jenny, an auntie walked by. She seemed a bit suspicious. Then she revealed something shocking: some time back, she couldn’t recall exactly when, someone had discarded a pair of badly beaten up cat carcasses by the exit of the carpark! A police report was made and there was quite a commotion.

I then called D to alert her to the new cat. And she said that she had already sighted Jenny late last night and thought her one of our “handiwork” due to her tipped ear. D had seen her trying to follow a young couple for a short distance, but the couple gave no sign of acknowledging her.

Anyone willing to adopt or foster Jenny while we try to look for a home for this sweet sweet girl?